Monday, January 13, 2014

Techtalk Jan 13

Here is the show and the notes.

The stuff we spoke about and the stuff we didn't get to.

Jabre Solemate Mini DHS 399. NEXT WEEK
-has NFS

-Nice size and colours
-in a crowded market space
-works just like a Jawbone but less expensive.
-great for the person who has to make presentations and needs sound or a picnic

Star Trek is here on your iPhone. Add ins to improve your mobile device.
-ok this is cool and could make us a bunch more paranoid! Are we doing enough? Kids healthy? Am I healthy?
-stun gun is cool

Gmail update - Email people without knowing their email ID
-google is changing the game and making it more important for the user to screen content!

What's for dinner I don't know let's Print it?
-this is also star trek!

Portable scooter

Sticky retail

Google+ is the way ahead like it or not!

Rock on with Android!

CES and 5 kids trends

Check these graphics! for a game! Time are changing fast

Some interesting data on smartphones here

This looks very cool! Organic battery!

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