Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CarTalk Dec 9

Oh yea!

Here is what we planned to talk about.

The Yaris Sedan se+ 1.5l
-love it!
-amazing legroom in the back, can carry a full load of groceries.
-faux leather dash WOW
-needs cruise control and and sunroof
-great basic radio and sound
-nice look

-Toyota Corolla launch

You're buying a new car. Which one do you get? What is the benefit?
a) Rust proofing
b) Paint Protection
c) Tint
d) All of the above!

-thoughts on Terrano?

-Saab is back?

-2015 Mustang?


Of course we didn't make it there totally.

Grab a listen to the show and share your thoughts and automobile issues.

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