Thursday, November 21, 2013

TechTalk Nov21

Andrew Thomas joins me to talk tech, and for the record we almost got through the notes!

And the notes!

APP of the Week
#26 top free google play store.
Dubai Police App! Nice and it thanked me for downloading it!

Another app of the week

Whaale - allows you to control multi speaker

DELL 3800
-Sweet looking with the padded keyboard base.
-15 inch Huge screen (this model was non touch!)
-Windows 8 PRO
-funky light on the power cable (appleesq from my macbook pro)
-loved the keyboard cool character font on the keys and back lit.

Computer didn’t like the charger kept telling me it wasn’t juicing enough
Multiple screens was neat.
What they say on the net
The Precision M3800 has a 15.6-inch touchscreen and offers 10 hours of battery life, according to Dell. It is 0.7 inches thick and weighs a bit more than 4 pounds.
The features of the M3800—including a high-end CPU, a separate graphics processor, and support for as much as 1.5TB of storage—match those of typical mobile workstations that are considered bulky and power-hungry.
The laptop is designed for engineers and creative professionals who need strong application and graphics capabilities, Dell said. It can be used to make high-definition movies and computer-aided design applications.


The M3800 runs on a fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4702HQ quad-core processor, which is one of the fastest in the Haswell lineup. The Nvidia Quadro K1100M graphics processor has 2GB of video memory.
The screen can display images at a resolution of 3200 by 1800 pixels, which is the best available for laptops today. Multiple external monitors can be connected via the mini-DisplayPort and HDMI ports.
Other features include a webcam, three USB 3.0 ports, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.
The laptop can be configured with as much as 16GB of RAM. There is no ethernet port, but Dell is bundling a USB 3.0-to-ethernet dongle.
The laptop will be available worldwide starting at $1799. Users can choose between the Windows 8.1

needing access to high-speed Ethernet access, every M3800 is equipped as standard with a USB to RJ-45 dongle. It is also designed with a backlit full-size keyboard, four USB PowerPorts (3 USB 3.0 & 1 USB 2.0), a large gesture-enabled touchpad, HD video webcam and Waves MaxxAudio Pro suite of advanced audio enhancement tools.
“The new Dell Precision M3800 is the first and only thin and light mobile workstation to offer the power of the Kepler-based NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, the industry’s highest-performing and most capable professional graphics,” said Sandeep Gupte, senior director of Product Marketing for the Quadro Professional Graphics Business at NVIDIA. “With 2GB of video memory in the NVIDIA Quadro K1100M GPU, the M3800 delivers uncompromised performance and rich visual experiences for graphics-heavy applications that creative professionals have been waiting for.”

To manage large data files while on the go, the Dell Precision M3800 offers multiple storage configurations including up to two storage devices, with a maximum of 1.5TB⁴ of storage (HDD, SSHD, or SSD), up to 35 percent more than HP’s 14-inch Z series Ultrabook™, one 2.5-inch drive and one solid state Mini-Card storage device (mSATA).

This is a nice bit of trivia on Micrtosoft!

Information and Social Media BE SCARED! Watch the VIDEO!

DropBox and value, holy cow!

Google Play for education, this is cool! And it is a sure sign of where Google is headed with its focusing of products.

Check out the videos made with still photos! WOW!

LittleBits Synth Kit with Korg

OMG this is too cool!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TechTalk Nov 13

Andrew Thomas and I had a great talk about tech and it seemed to be a big Google night.

The notes!
Nov 13
"Russian Subways Now Accept Squats for Payment"

4. Can Apple still can in on the phablet/retina on ipad just rolled out

"Why Apple may be considering iPhones with larger screens -"

1. Surface 2 do we care

2 "The Throwable, Panoramic Ball Cam Is Finally Here—and It's Incredible"

3. Google stuff
"Google patents lie-detecting throat tattoo - Telegraph"

Gmail Now Lets You Save Attachments Directly to Google Drive"

"Android dominates 81 percent of world smartphone market"

Android: The OS For Serious People? - Forbes"

"Alternative Android OS CyanogenMod Launches 'One-Click' Installer - Forbes"

Latest version of Chrome Beta identifies noisy tabs, blocks malware -",0,4777845.story?track=rss

5. This is cool but is it to much?

Stores Sniff Out Smartphones to Follow Shoppers" finally a great idea.

Scientists discover method of charging phones with microwaves"

7. Googlish

Nissan 3E Looks Like Google Glass for Drivers"

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Wind-Down Wednesday November 6

OK this is the last chance to get the Wind-Down Wednesday Summer Mix Tape.

What is on the tape?

14 Middle East Indie Music tracks that you probably have not heard BUT you are going to want to get as much of this music as you can.

Download the tape from this link, there is less than 5 days left.

On this podcast you also get a sample of the 1st Tone Town Session.

Make Wednesday at 10pm a date night with Nightline.

TechTalk November 6th

OK I have been a little behind on things and slack at getting the TechTalk podcasts up and live.

Here is this weeks show.

This is what we did last week and the Nokia 1020 was a huge success and the rest of the show was also about phones.

And here are the notes for both shows.

1. What is new?
Upgraded to Mavericks and little apps not working as they did!
-bigfile transfer app
-my screen messes up going from a projector

Doing more and more recording for Nightline only on the phone!
-irig software, external mic and we are rock and roll
-Time on DriveLive is also using his phone, both of us are Samsung!
-Paul and I have made a pitch video all filmed and recorded on 2 Notes!

The google mystery
KPIX 5 has learned that Google is actually building a floating marketing center, a kind of giant Apple store, if you will — but for Google Glass, the cutting-edge wearable computer the company has under development.

Nokia 1020 review 2324AED
cool zoom feature!

I like it :) the phone and windows!

phoneblok gets some backing :)


1. This reminds me of the 70s and disco mania!
My Dad once built colour organs

2. Just cool military tech

And given that the Zumwalt can produce power on the magnitude of 78 MW, there's a solid chance that this littoral Destroyer could also play test bed to the Navy's top secret railgun prototype system—capable of firing a projectile at seven times the speed of sound—which has been undergoing feverish development over the past few years. [BI]

3. Vine and Editing this is good!
The two new features, which arrived with an app update last week, are called Sessions and Time Travel. You'll know them better as "drafts" and "editing," roughly speaking. The former lets you save up to 10 Vines-in-progress to return to at a later time; the latter lets you dive into Vine videos and rearrange the individual clips within them (or trash them if they didn't live up to your vision). While retaining the app's key simplicity, they give users some sophisticated new ways to piece together their 6-second epics.
"The core of the Vine creation process is very linear," says Rus Yusupov, the app's co-founder and creative director. You open it, record your clips, and share your stuff with the world. Still, Yusupov says, "our minds are always tracking ideas and images through more of a matrix. We figure that users should be able to go back in time and dive deeper into their work and material." If Vine has largely been about recording what's in front of you at a given moment, now it lets you stitch together scenes spanning hours or even days. "You can allow your flight to land, or your sunset to set," Yusupov says. Or you can simply go back to a video when inspiration strikes. "You need to let users come at it from the side instead of head on," he explains.
Vine's power lies in its simplicity, though, and its creators wanted to make sure things didn't get muddled with the new features. They worked through several iterations of the Time Travel screen before landing on the straightforward one you'll find in the app. In one early version, clips were represented by rectangles corresponding to their length, just like what you'd find in iMovie. But in testing, Vine's creators found that their users preferred to look at a shot "as more of a thumbnail, regardless of how long it is," Yusupov says. "It's much easier to manage that way, both visually and spatially. It's a much simpler representation." The actual editing interaction is dead simple too. You drag thumbnails in the order you want them, or pull them up towards the top of the screen to put them in the trash.

4. iPhone battery issues?

5. 80$ smartphone! And FireFox OS
While the word “smartphone” usually evokes images of pricey iPhones and Android handsets, plenty of inexpensive smartphones are also hitting the market—ripe for the millions of cell phone owners who want a smartphone, but can’t (or don’t want to) pay hundreds of dollars for one.
For Mozilla, which makes the popular Firefox Web browser, this looks like the most promising target market for its recently released Firefox OS, an open-source, largely Web-based mobile operating system intended to run on lower-cost smartphones. The first phones running the OS began selling this summer in several markets around the world.
The company is taking on an audacious challenge, going up against established operating systems like Google’s Android, as well as a slew of less well-known mobile operating systems. And if it wants to succeed, Mozilla has to ensure that those making Firefox OS-running phones—which include ZTE and LG—build products that consumers actually want to use, regardless of how much less they cost than many others on the market.

6. Phone Blocks by Motorolia is real!

7. OK this is just really cool and eco friendly!
a billboard that produces water from humidity!
The billboard has five water generators that through an electrical system and a reverse osmosis process convert atmospheric moisture, which reaches 98% in the town of Bujama where the ad is installed, into drinking water. Each tank produces on average 20 liters of liquid that are stored into one tank, which can serve 100% purified water. Alejandro Aponte, creative director of the agency said: “The billboard has already produced thousands of liters of drinking water monthly, benefiting hundreds of families, neighboring zones and passers-by in the area, turning the campaign into a technology solution with a social impact.”

8. This is cool it allows you to know who is watching you! Given the NSA and paranoia about retailers this is interesting!

9. Google + adds more fun, does anyone want it? I do!

from the article
The new feature, called Auto Awesome Movie, is essentially a highlight reel of users' videos and images shot during a single outing. The feature automatically adds music, filters and enhances each shot to create a video clip that users can share with their friends on Google+.
Auto Awesome Movie was among more than a dozen new Google+ features that Google announced Tuesday as a way to boost usage of its online social networking service.
"Imagine if Google did all this while you were living life," said Vic Gundotra, head of Google+ at a press event Tuesday morning.

10. Affordable robot? I want one.

US company RoboKind has been developing human-like robots for five years and sold a previous model, the ZENO R50 for £10,000. They now want to sell this latest robot model for £1700.
As well as the cheaper price tag, the ZENO R25 comes with some improvements, including eight microphones which allow it to recognise voices and a camera that perceives people and objects.
Mathew Stevenson, Director of Software at RoboKind explained the range of uses for the robot.
"The ZENO R25 would be able to teach different languages ... you can ask him any questions and he wil instantly search hundreds of webistes ... eventually ZENO can be loaded with hundreds of books ."


MOvember November 5

We had an opportunity to revisit a MOvember broadcast and it was one of those shows that just keeps you listening.

Can you guess when this show was 1st broadcast?

What we do know is it is MOvember time.

Follow me on Instagram to see how the MO is growing.

Here is where you can donate.

DocTalk November 5

Here is the Doctalk podcast.

 Dr Shereen Habib is from the Well Woman Clinic and Dr Sean Petherbridge is from the Keith Nicholl Medical Centre they join us to talk about the medical questions on your mind. Prostate, burning urination and F1 all in an hour!

Flowboarding Championships 2013 Part 2

In part 1 of the World Flowboarding Championships broadcast we had a chance to learn a bit about the sport of flowboarding.

In part 2 we have the opportunity to speak to the athletes and learn why they flowboard.

And what makes these shows interesting is that they were totally recorded on a Samsung Galaxy Note2!

CarTalk November 4

Here we go with the pre motor show CarTalk program.

As always for the best bits of the program you need to go and visit our SoundCloud page.

Here is the podcast of the entire show.