Thursday, October 10, 2013

Line busters Oct 8

In hour 1 of the program we took the time to ask how you deal with people who bud in line!

Here is a bit of the SMS traffic. I asked how do people deal with those who bud in line.

-Make a big deal out of it. Thats the way u shame them.

-If queue jumper is an Ema....i, I ignore, if someone else, I ask them to behave.


- I usually make it a point to tell the person attending me. And at times when the attending person tells them to get in line. I make it a point to be loud enough for the offender or would be offender to hear and thank the person attending me. Capt Max.

-Hi James. Although I think it can mostly be Attributed to cultural differences, unless they look like tourists or if they're elderly, I definitely don'tlet people cut me in line. Whether it be sticking to the bumper of the car in front of me or telling off people at the grocery. I equate it to tough love. Hopefully if they get told off enough, they'll learn. Adel

-It's the culture over here,  etiquettes and patients are more valued in places such as Canada.

-Manners and upbringing comes from home. To control you need to have a meeter and greeter or someone to monitor,  you can't change those people who are impatient,  whether in a que or driving,  you will always experience impatient ignorant people...  Live with it!

-My strategy is: look into his/her eyes and ask: Am I invisible to you!!

Listen to the podcast some wonderful comments!

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