Sunday, October 27, 2013

World Flowboarding Championships 2013 Part 1

This was a lot of fun!

Nightline went and spent a bit of time at YasWaterWorld and watched the masters of the wave compete in the 2013 World Flowboarding Championships.


In part 1 of the radio show we had a chat with the people off the water.

Interesting stuff if I do say so myself!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wind Down Wednesday Oct 16

OK this is the part of the week that the nation takes a seat for!

Paul Kelly of joins me to talk independent music from the Middle East.

And this week when it came to the Tone Town Sessions we had the Boxtones in studio.

WOW this is fun.

TechTalk Oct 16

Here is the podcast of the October 16 TechTalk show with Andrew Thomas of

And here are the notes.

Teens the real issue is time and attention!

Android is a contender! really!

Love the Intel talk of inovation

OK selling our endorsements is Google going too far, facebook does it!

Magisto quick and dirty video editor with music it does the work! A lot of fun.

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 13 on Nightline

Hour 1 of Nightline was all about school busses and whether or not we really need to stop when the stop signs are out.

As would have it many people didn't think stopping was a priority!

Here is the podcast.

Hr 2 was all about cars and the boys from join me to talk about what is hot and what is not.

Want to hear some of the best bits of the show? Here it is.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oct 8 GetFit Radio!

Marcus Smith and I catch up at Engine Gym and talk fitness.

Lots of great questions and I love the bit about training for the 7s.

Get your questions to us via email, NIGHTLINE@DUBAIEYE1038.AE.

Great talk here.

Line busters Oct 8

In hour 1 of the program we took the time to ask how you deal with people who bud in line!

Here is a bit of the SMS traffic. I asked how do people deal with those who bud in line.

-Make a big deal out of it. Thats the way u shame them.

-If queue jumper is an Ema....i, I ignore, if someone else, I ask them to behave.


- I usually make it a point to tell the person attending me. And at times when the attending person tells them to get in line. I make it a point to be loud enough for the offender or would be offender to hear and thank the person attending me. Capt Max.

-Hi James. Although I think it can mostly be Attributed to cultural differences, unless they look like tourists or if they're elderly, I definitely don'tlet people cut me in line. Whether it be sticking to the bumper of the car in front of me or telling off people at the grocery. I equate it to tough love. Hopefully if they get told off enough, they'll learn. Adel

-It's the culture over here,  etiquettes and patients are more valued in places such as Canada.

-Manners and upbringing comes from home. To control you need to have a meeter and greeter or someone to monitor,  you can't change those people who are impatient,  whether in a que or driving,  you will always experience impatient ignorant people...  Live with it!

-My strategy is: look into his/her eyes and ask: Am I invisible to you!!

Listen to the podcast some wonderful comments!

Wind-Down Wednesday and TechTalk Oct9

Well the Tone Town Sessions are well underway and this week we had a listen to Adonis WOW.

And of course Paul Kelly brought some rocking tunes from the Triplew JukeBox.

And for some fun bits go to SoundCloud.

In hour 2 of the program we had Andrew Thomas from Nexa, joining us to talk tech.

And catch my Libratone complaint!

Here are the notes if you want to dig.

This is the link to the hummingbird algorithm chat.!-

Why Instagram is an issue to consider in business!

This is cool and maybe sad. Online games and junk food!

Yahoo Mail re design!
But with 100 million daily users, Yahoo Mail has long since fallen behind Google’s Gmail, the world’s largest email service, boasting 425 million monthly users. Considering that, and Mayer’s background at Google, perhaps it’s not so surprising the latest version of Yahoo would take on more of the look and feel of Gmail.

Yahoo also capped previously unlimited email storage at 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes), which is good for 6000 years of email, according to a Verge report.

Paywall/ time versus money.
Sports Illustrated is testing a paywall that lets readers access its print articles early if they watch a 30-second video ad first.
The provider is Selectable Media, which has been testing consumers’ willingness to watch video ads for free WiFi, music and games. This is its first public test with a major consumer magazine.

Cyber Security Quiz from Media Smart!
Lets do it

Why we need faster computers!
UK users are said to have lost more than 130 hours of their working year waiting, on average, up to 12 minutes for software to load. Even more concerning is that 17pc of those surveyed in the UK admitted to relieving their frustration with physicality, sometimes stamping on or throwing the offending device. German users were most likely to react with aggression, while those in the US and China were least likely to lash out.
The most common cause of these delays in the UK was waiting for files to upload or download followed by slow-loading applications, and little time was wasted waiting for PCs to start up. Close to one-third (30pc) claimed this time spent waiting would put them in a bad mood for the rest of the day, while 29pc said they had lost sleep over it.
Unsurprisingly, this vexing occurrence has now made it into the top 7 most stressful everyday experiences, though it still ranks below being put on hold when on the telephone, going to a medical appointment or waiting for deliveries, which made up the top 3.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Indie Music and Tech

We started off the show listening to some very cool independent music from the middle east. We started the Tone Town sessions with Tim Hassall and also listened to Who Killed Bruce Lee - room for 3- and Jadal.

 In hour 2 it was all about technology! The Libratone Speaker and the HTC One X Mini were both reviewed.
And this is the entire show podcast.

Here are the things we did and did not talk about.


Cool look at everyone's timeline pictures worldwide!

Apple unseats Coke as most popular brand!

Next Microsoft CEO?

Get rid of Gates?

This could really give Samsung a run for the money

Apple could be forced to ditch its latest charger under EU plans to create universal device that charges ALL phones

An EU Parliament Committee has voted to create a standard smartphone charger connector, meaning Apple may be forced to drop its Lightning port connection.

Full Story: