Monday, September 16, 2013

TechTalk and For the Record

Andrew Thomas MD at joins me to talk tech.

Here are the show notes.

This is the cool speaker we will review next week.

the iphone launch and should we care?

This is very cool and why Disney?

Addicted to Social Media?
Just liked the article.
#5 5. You can not visit the lavatory without using the 23 available seconds to investigate how many people have liked your photo. Snapchatting a selfie while sitting on the loo is a proof you have stopped understanding basic decent behaviour. Rather sadly, social media has killed off the immensely valuable and intrinsically British “loo book” market. We now swipe, tap, scroll, wipe.

An APP to ponder.
This is not the 1st app to do this but makes a lot of sense!
Check this out a very cool video.


This mesmerising timelapse-imitating video by director and editor Anthony Cerniello simulatse the effects of ageing on a single individual. To create it, Cerneillo worked with still photographer Keith Sirchio to photograph his friend Danielle’s family, from her youngest to her oldest relatives. He then called on animators Nathan Meier and Edmund Earle, then Nuke artist George Cuddy added the finishing touches and voilĂ , the almost imperceptible effects of ageing are visualised in a compelling five-minute video.

Desperate or?
At 1st glance this does read of desperation BUT how many people might make the jump as the operating systems are moving on and they do not have the cash to go to a new ipad?


This is a new Nightline segment. This week we listened to 2 presentations.

First we are going to hear Adam Fetcher, who was the deputy national press secretary in Chicago for the re-elect Obama campaign.  Fetcher is interesting because he was responsible for media relations BUT also for bridging the gap between traditional  and digital media and shaping the digital message and then selling it to traditional reporters and news outlets.

Mohamed Wardari of Meltwater a social media and online news strategist he presents his 3 tips for successful social media engaement Mohammed uses 3 case studies to bring his tips to life.

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