Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Get Fit Radio and Adrian Hayes

2 hours of interesting conversation.

We kicked things off with Marcus Smith of walking us through the wild world of your fitness.

And what better to follow Marcus than Adrian Hayes professional adventurer.

We had an amazing conversation about Adrian's attempt at K2.

Here are some notes on Adrian.

We last spoke to Adrian on Nightline as he was preparing to depart for Pakistan to climb K2.

K2 , risk, and selfishness - the subject matter of an article Huffington post serialized a few weeks back.

Adrian Hayes is the British, UAE based, record-breaking adventurer, speaker, corporate coach and sustainability ambassador.
A former British Army Gurkha officer and Airbus Sales Director, he has set two Guinness World records for polar expeditions - reaching the Earth's "3 Poles" in the shortest period of time in history and for the Arctic’s longest unsupported snow-kiting expedition to date.
An ambassador and leader on economic, social and environmental sustainability, he is, first and foremost, a professionally qualified corporate coach and speaker who offers a series of seminars and coaching programmes designed with one overall aim – to help maximize  potential,  performance and results. You, your team or your company.
As one of the few serious adventurers in the World with a senior corporate background, someone who’s used the tools – and actually "done it" -  in all spheres of life.

High altitude mountaineering is probably unique in the world as being the only sport or pastime where death is a constant risk, continually faced and often talked about. An outsider observing a group of mountaineers together would probably be shocked at how frequently death is mentioned - sooner or later the conversation will turn to someone known dying of cerebral edema on a Himalayan giant, followed by someone else being killed by a fall on the south face of another. It all appears very casual, matter of fact and lacking any empathy.

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