Thursday, September 26, 2013

Indie Music and TechTalk September 25th

2 fun hours of radio.

We started with some great music from the GCC. Thanks to Paul at for pulling it together.

And during techtalk it was all iPhone. Omar from JadoPado brought the goods in and Andrew, from Nexa, and myself had a great look and chat.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Get Fit Radio and Adrian Hayes

2 hours of interesting conversation.

We kicked things off with Marcus Smith of walking us through the wild world of your fitness.

And what better to follow Marcus than Adrian Hayes professional adventurer.

We had an amazing conversation about Adrian's attempt at K2.

Here are some notes on Adrian.

We last spoke to Adrian on Nightline as he was preparing to depart for Pakistan to climb K2.

K2 , risk, and selfishness - the subject matter of an article Huffington post serialized a few weeks back.

Adrian Hayes is the British, UAE based, record-breaking adventurer, speaker, corporate coach and sustainability ambassador.
A former British Army Gurkha officer and Airbus Sales Director, he has set two Guinness World records for polar expeditions - reaching the Earth's "3 Poles" in the shortest period of time in history and for the Arctic’s longest unsupported snow-kiting expedition to date.
An ambassador and leader on economic, social and environmental sustainability, he is, first and foremost, a professionally qualified corporate coach and speaker who offers a series of seminars and coaching programmes designed with one overall aim – to help maximize  potential,  performance and results. You, your team or your company.
As one of the few serious adventurers in the World with a senior corporate background, someone who’s used the tools – and actually "done it" -  in all spheres of life.

High altitude mountaineering is probably unique in the world as being the only sport or pastime where death is a constant risk, continually faced and often talked about. An outsider observing a group of mountaineers together would probably be shocked at how frequently death is mentioned - sooner or later the conversation will turn to someone known dying of cerebral edema on a Himalayan giant, followed by someone else being killed by a fall on the south face of another. It all appears very casual, matter of fact and lacking any empathy.

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 22 CarTalk and Social Media

Two very different but engaging hours of Nightline.

In hour 1 it was all about cars with the boys from

in hour 2 it is all about social media and your business. But how do we get started with enterprise social media? Two speakers give us their tips as heard at the 2nd GCC Government Social Media Summit.

Pippa Norris

Head of Online Engagement
Ministry of Defence UK

Dr. Hassan Dawood

Head of Dubai office, Alsayegh Media

A doctor by training and an entrepreneur by passion, Dr Hassan Dawood started his first company in the technology sector while still a medical student in the United Kingdom. Upon returning to his native UAE, he was instrumental in co-establishing a revolutionary New Media agency. Within the space of two short years, he helped to transform the company from a “new player” to a “game changer”.

Today he inspires a multi-skilled staff of Emirati and international talents, and has spearheaded some of the region’s most highly-praised communication strategies for clients such as Dubai Economic Department, Abu Dhabi Police, Dubai International Peace Convention, and many other successes.
Dr Hassan regularly invests his time as a Motivational Speaker and Special Judge at entrepreneurship events. He is devoted to helping young Emirati entrepreneurs become a dominant force on the world stage. His philosophy is that the only real limit for an entrepreneur should be their imagination.

Pippa Norris on  how the UK ministry of defence is preparing and implementing social media s part of its communication strategy. Key issues are organizational risk, leadership, response protocaols and best practices, governemnt

Thursday, September 19, 2013

CarTalk and Indie Music 2 great shows.

Nightline started the evening with a conversation about cars.

Joining me were Rita from Ferrari and Jack from Chrysler.

And of course Imthishan Giado from

Fun as always also some great information.

Hour 2 Paul Kelly from joined me in the studio to spin some Indie music records. 

This week we played,

First song - Fables of Cantt (Kent) - Homeless (Sikka Mix)

Allen Walker - Come On (feat. Sian Evans)

Tim Hassall-  Travelling Song (fixed from last time)

Empty Chair Band - Come to Me

Amadeus Awad - Noir (feat Gavin Harrison on Drums)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DocTalk and Let Toys Be Toys

2 great conversations.

First up are the doctors.

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

Bugs, bites and more.

In the second hour Tessa from Let Toys Be Toys joined me.

Monday, September 16, 2013

TechTalk and For the Record

Andrew Thomas MD at joins me to talk tech.

Here are the show notes.

This is the cool speaker we will review next week.

the iphone launch and should we care?

This is very cool and why Disney?

Addicted to Social Media?
Just liked the article.
#5 5. You can not visit the lavatory without using the 23 available seconds to investigate how many people have liked your photo. Snapchatting a selfie while sitting on the loo is a proof you have stopped understanding basic decent behaviour. Rather sadly, social media has killed off the immensely valuable and intrinsically British “loo book” market. We now swipe, tap, scroll, wipe.

An APP to ponder.
This is not the 1st app to do this but makes a lot of sense!
Check this out a very cool video.


This mesmerising timelapse-imitating video by director and editor Anthony Cerniello simulatse the effects of ageing on a single individual. To create it, Cerneillo worked with still photographer Keith Sirchio to photograph his friend Danielle’s family, from her youngest to her oldest relatives. He then called on animators Nathan Meier and Edmund Earle, then Nuke artist George Cuddy added the finishing touches and voilĂ , the almost imperceptible effects of ageing are visualised in a compelling five-minute video.

Desperate or?
At 1st glance this does read of desperation BUT how many people might make the jump as the operating systems are moving on and they do not have the cash to go to a new ipad?


This is a new Nightline segment. This week we listened to 2 presentations.

First we are going to hear Adam Fetcher, who was the deputy national press secretary in Chicago for the re-elect Obama campaign.  Fetcher is interesting because he was responsible for media relations BUT also for bridging the gap between traditional  and digital media and shaping the digital message and then selling it to traditional reporters and news outlets.

Mohamed Wardari of Meltwater a social media and online news strategist he presents his 3 tips for successful social media engaement Mohammed uses 3 case studies to bring his tips to life.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Salary Increases? and CarTalk

We began the evening asking who is getting a salary increase? Lots of talk but is it just a myth?

We then jumped feet first into CarTalk with the the boy from, yes only 1 turned up!

Lots of great automotive discussion and we agreed for the 1st time!

GetFit Radio and Ban Calculators!

Another interesting collection of shows on DubaiEye's Nightline if we do say so ourselves.

First there is the ever popular Marcus Smith from joining us to talk your fitness.

This week many of you got involved.

Here is the podcast.

Next up it was question time.

Do we need to ban calculators to allow our kids to learn the basics of math and maybe while we are at it ban the PC so they have to write!

Interesting responses.

Monday, September 09, 2013

TechTalk and Safety Call-in

As always techtalk lets us, Andrew Thomas of, have a conversation about some cool tech.

Here are the notes:

NEXT week Andrew will put the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note Tab3 8 inch


Clear screen, pre installed software, fast, responsive, easy set up
odd? -no pen
-lots of refinement on the device with the buttons.
Nice device
Almost seems too long, makes it heavy
No uk play store hurts the experience


16 MP, autofocus, Xenon flash, check quality

1/2.33'' sensor size, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, 10x optical zoom (24-240mm), optical image stabilization, HDR, panorama

Yes, 1080p@30fps, check quality

Yes, 1.9 MP
Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
4.3 inch screen
Didn’t get to play with the battery life.
This is a phone with a good camera, given how many of us have the phone on roaming and then want to take shots that are good this is an option!
White and black 1799 Dhs Jadopado

Bit torrent -

Free smartphones? will this make people swap their droid or apple devices?

Samsung smart watch?  big news of the week, i might get one tomorrow - fingers crossed, good review comparasion with the sony.  gear only compatable with one device on launch?

Microsoft and Nokia
-I thought this was an interesting PR move to let people know where the organization is going as Ballmer transitions out
-my feeling is that Microsoft is grossly underestimated because of the business segregation of the operating system, games, mobile…

Interesting play here, I think its a big patent move, blackberry next??

-interesting to see Tom Gibbons VP Home Retail will be behind integration work!

Video Conference Tool
-cool idea but who would really buy this?
What about Google Hangouts?

Self driving cars? Mass Produced by 2020. Google well into this.

Nissan said its goal is to offer autonomous cars "across the model range within two vehicle generations" - about 10-12 years after the projected 2020 launch.
The company said it has been researching and developing autonomous vehicles "for years" with such top universities as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Tokyo. It is building a dedicated test track in Japan for autonomous vehicles that will be completed by next spring.
Google, the internet search leader, launched an autonomous car program in 2010 and has built and is testing several different versions, including one based on Toyota Motor Corp's Prius.

What about your safety on the road as a runner or cyclist? Do you have a plan?

Dubai Police in an earlier report cautioned cyclists to stay off most roads with a speed limit of 60 km/h for safety reasons. Cyclists are prohibited from riding on main roads. A section of UAE’s Federal Law No 21 of 1995 states that riders should use cycle tracks, if available, or otherwise ride on the right side of the road but not on the pavements.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

CarTalk and Wind-Down Wednesday

This is the place to chat about all things automotive int he UAE and is in the house.
Ford, Renault, Toyota, China, Sri Lanka we talked about it all.

TONE TOWN Studio is here!

We had a chance to sit with Dylan Ellis and Ramsay Phillips and we learned all sorts of things about the UAE recording industry, wow.

DocTalk/Hair Police/Social Media

What a night. Love to get your feedback!

We started off with a conversation about your health with Dr. Shereen and Dr. Sean.

NO OOZE this week!

The 2nd hour was a conversation about hair policies and then we asked if you can get off of social media.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Sept 1 TechTalk and Something a bit different

Andrew Thomas joined me to talk tech once again.

Here are the show notes

Andrew Thomas
Managing Director of NEXA

NEXT week Andrew will put the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note Tab3 8 inch
-no pen
-lots of refinement on the device with the buttons.

Tabs and kids! Do we need to be pushing digital or to not would be a mistake?
New Samsung

iPhone vs iPad

Do we all have two mobiles? the UAE has the highest mobile phone penetration in the world!

-this is huge really and says a lot about the future of business, education…
-good question is how are business transplants from the list making it in the UAE where it is a hyper connected smartphone society?
-are we educating our PR/adv students to the use of these devices?

Mad vine videos


-do we have that much time?

-tennis cool!
-drawing and real, wow

New rules for fb competitions

Do we want a smartphone watch?

The power of the WEB.
The Telegraph’s website had a feature about a song played from a stuffed toy to comfort fids as the Titanic sank. Now that tune has been identified!

La Sorella, by Charles Borel-Clerc and Louis Gallini. [Telegraph]

That Was Then!
In this episode we go back to 2007 and revisit a conversation about the book series the secret society of dragon protectors. 60,000 sales later and self published book 6 is coming! Here is how it all started.