Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27 Doc and Med Talk

In this episode of Nightline we talk medicine in hour 1 and then we move on to technology!

First up are Dr Shereen Habib of the Well Woman Clinic and Dr Sean Petherbridge of Keith Nicholl Medical Centre.

Next Andrew Thomas the MD at Nexa, www.digitalnexa.com , joins us to talk tech!

1. Balmer Good, Bad, No real issue?

2. Jawbone UP fitness band

Nice comparison review

been wearing the nike fuel band for 2 weeks now, having to adjust my daily goal for Dubai


3. portable speaker (turns any surface into a speaker)
PowerPod360 Vibrational Speaker

4. Tumblr/twitter?

Tumblr was nearly as busy as Twitter during MTV's Video Music Awards on Sunday when it came to the sheer number of content contributors, per Union Metrics, a company that offers analytics for both platforms.
The San Francisco tech firm says 1.1 million Tumblr users posted content with VMA-related keywords yesterday, while 1.3 million folks on Twitter did the same. Those figures may surprise marketers who view Twitter as the dominant, social-media companion for TV watchers.

5. beware of over sharing on social media!
If there’s one neologism that encapsulates the weird dynamics of our modern techno-society, it has to be “oversharing,” with its strange combination of cloying therapy-speak (“sharing is caring!”) and dismissive disinterest, all wrapped up in a euphemistic gerund: truly, an awkward word for an awkward age.

6. Intel Toshiba power in side videos on youtube, 2nd instalment is up!


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