Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TechTalk June 18

Here are the show notes from the June 18th TechTalk Show.


Light meter for smartphone

The geekiest parents of all time

We all want one of these! The new Alienware

GetBulb.com ok this is a cool idea, check the video!

Smartphone notifications via a coloured bracelet! Cool.


Sennheiser Momentum Black cans
-awesome leather finish
-nice case for storage of jacks
-can use with your smartphone
-the red wire sends us back to the roots
  • -2 year warranty

18 Ω
Frequency response
16 - 22000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL)
110 dB
THD, total harmonic distortion
< 0.5 %

Ear coupling
Transducer principle
Dynamic, closed
approx. 190 g
Load rating
200 mW


Is instagram video coming?
Rumours are emerging that Facebook-owned Instagram may reveal a new video service. Facebook is holding a press event at its San Francisco, California, headquarters on 20 June and so far rumours have emerged about a potential news feed to plug the glaring gap left by Google Reader and now video coming to Instagram.

Twitter making it easier for us to use the tweets to monetize services!

What’s App! WOW, I was slow to join the use of this but do like it.

I think Apple is losing the plot is there is any truth to the rumours, and we know that there is often some... Maybe they need to watch their own ads?

China has fastest supercomputer... Again

With this timemachine feature FourSquare could be interesting...

Pingdom News

Tech History

June 20, 1975: Jaws was released

June 10, 1977: Apple II ships

June 11, 1980: Stever Ballmer joins Microsoft

June 15, 1667: First human blood transfusion (used sheep’s blood)

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