Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just great tunes

When was the last time you had a good listen to some Arabic language female talent?

Check these 6 tracks out!

Track list:

  1. Youssra Hawari - Bel Mazboot
  2. Youmna Saba - Ghajar
  3. Sandmoon - Maddening Day
  4. Salam - Khabeeni
  5. Maii Waleed - Moga
  6. C Project - Alwan al Taif

Here’s a feature (in ARabic) with many of them

Youssra  Hawari feat. Shady El Hosseiny
Egyptian Accordionist, composer, song writer, singer and actress
She studied Piano Playing and Music Theory
Joined Al Tamye Theater Group as an actress and a singer in 2007
Has been working with The Choir Project as a musician since it was founded in 2010
Her First Live Performance was in March, 2012 with Aya Mitwally & Maii Waleed
She gained popularity after her first music video, "El Soor" Or "Th Wall" in April 2012

Youmna Saba -
Lebanese singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist. folk/traditional Arabic music. She is from Beirut, Lebanon, and started writing songs, quite accidentally, after accepting to perform originals at the opening of an art exhibition in Beirut. I released a first EP in 2008, and performed in numerous events in Lebanon and abroad. And now I’m working on promoting my second EP, released in 2011: Hal Bent Aabalha Tghanni (the girl who feels like singing).

Sandmoon - Maddening day
alt/folk rock group Sandmoon - headed by Sandra Arslanian - based in Beirut.

Salam Ft Enas -
Salam is a Jordanian rock group (winners of best Jordanian band in 2008), on this song they feature vocalist Enas Al Said. Winners of the 2008 Jordanian Band Competition, SALAM performed in various events and festivals in Jordan, the latest being Jordan Festival 2010. They also toured Egypt last fall with concerts across Alexandria and Cairo.

They released their new album "1944" in February 2011. (Enas is featured vocalist/Ripples of Happiness vocalist.

Maii Waleed -
Egyptian singer songwriter who was also involved with the band Massive Scar Era. Folk/Alt Arabic Rock

C. Project -
Cherine Amr's solo project from Massive Scar Era. Cherine is en egyptian singer songwriter who is also active with the Metal band Massive Scar Era - her music was featured on the film Microphone. Alternative Arabic Rock

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