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The Regional Music Beat!

This is just great radio!

The Relocators
The Relocators are a Bahraini alternative, rock and blues trio. The band features drummer Ali Al-Qaseer, vocalist and guitarist Faisal Amin and Romeriko Canlas on bass. In a very short period of time, they have become one of Bahrain's favorite exciting live bands. The band members have individually had a fair amount of TV and radio playtime. They have also opened for international names such as 'the Heavy' and 'Legends Of Ska'. Their music is usually uptempo and energetic, carved with vintage guitar tones, bluesy vocals and interesting bass lines.
Song - Love’s Never Running Away

BAND 2 -
DJ Wriggly Scott feat. Deeb - Re7la (Pronounced Rehla) - fade at 3:15

Wriggly Scott aka DJ Solo (born Neil Andrew) is a Dubai-based hip hop DJ and producer originally from High Wycombe. Scott was raised with music all around him, both his mother and sister were piano teachers. He discovered hip hop at an early age after a brief stint playing the piano and guitar, then took up DJing at the age of 16 which led to stints with local pirate stations and live performances with White Noise and the Scratch Perverts.

After a move to Dubai in 2004, he quickly became part of the burgeoning music scene helping to establish the first ever internet radio station in the U.A.E., while also hosting the first underground hip hop show on FM radio. Artists he has shared the stage with in Dubai include Quantic, Florian Keller, Jazzy Jeff, Jazzie B, DJ Format, DJ Woody, Aaron LaCrate, the Kyoto Jazz Massive, Phil Asher and Cash Money to name a few.

Along with fellow producer Solphonic, and MCs Jibberish and Toofless (now known as Feras Ibrahim), Scott founded Diligent Thought. Their conscious lyrics and infectious beats quickly gained them popularity amongst fans of real hip hop, something which is hard to come by nowadays. After their split Scott continued to pursue his production, enjoying the newly found freedom that being an individual artist provides by experimenting with various sounds under various aliases.

May 2011 saw his first commercial release hit the stores on Dented Records. ‘Who Is Wriggly Scott?’

Song: Re7la (ReHla)

Silverlake (BH)
Silverlake (Bahrain) are somewhat of an oddity in the local music scene. Where every other band seemed to be making their noise in heavy metal, rap/hip-hop or latin music, the quartet broke into new grounds by emerging as new-wave, alternative pop rock band, infusing the popular sounds of the likes of Coldplay and Travis with the authentic and classic rock sounds of Pink Floyd. The result is mesmerizing.

The band was formed in 2008 and had their very first gig opening for Ala Ghawas at Elham's Live Art 08. They started playing more gigs and writing their own material and they blew the crowds away when they performed at the Elham Arts Festival music concert in May 2009 at the Cultural Hall. Not content with that, they also headlined the Reflux festival, Bahrain’s first heavy and alternative rock music festival at the Bahrain International Circuit a few months later.
As one of the youngest bands around, their musical maturity is refreshing and their willingness to push themselves to create accessible alternative rock tunes must be admired.

Song: The Getaway -

Simplexity (EG) - #1 on BUZZ CHART FOR RBBJME
SimpleXity is a progressive rock/metal band based in Cairo, Egypt. Initially being the brainchild of guitarist Omar El-Deeb and keyboardist Hatem Ghaleb, bassist Noor Ayman and drummer Aly Hassab El Naby completed the line-up around November 2007. Each member of the band enjoys different genres of music ranging from Classical, jazz, blues, rock n roll, punk, heavy metal, hard rock, thrash, death metal with all their sub-genres. The presence of such versatile influences created the band's original sound.

In April 2010, keyboardist Ahmed Adel replaced Hatem Ghaleb after Hatem decided to leave..
The band has enjoyed wide exposure through different festivals, has won several competitions, and gained more and more positive feedback through the past few years and looks forward to releasing new material.

Track: Luminosity

Perfect and Insane (JO) - RUNNING

Perfect and Insane is a musical project created by Ahmad Farah, a musician from Jordan.Ahmad now is working on his first album: E.N.A., featured some of the local musicians from Jordan.

Ahmad Farah is a local musician from Jordan. He started playing acoustic guitar ten years ago. He performed with many different bands. And currently working on two different projects: Perfect and Insane, which is mainly a one-man project.

His first album E.N.A. is almost ready, which contains original songs along with some covers.

Farah’s main influences range between folk music and art rock.

Ahmad Farah is now living in Amman

Track: Running

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