Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bring on the Violence!

Is the media too violent? Do you care? Not likely.

Here is what Dubai had to say about media violence.

The Nightline Medical Show

Have a lice problem? Then here are the people you need to listen to!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fit from flab

Marcus Smith dials us into the nuts and bolts of fitness.

Hate your Job?

So we asked what do people love and hate about their jobs.

Here is what we got.

Books Live!

Narain Jashanmal joins me to talk about publishing and 2 very cool Dubai projects.


EVEREST RECORD! To the top and back

Leanna Shuttleworth - Youngest British Female to Summit Everest and to Complete the Seven Summits joins me in Studio with her climbing partner and father Mark Shuttleworth. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rolling Art!

Ghurav, Shazad and Imthisam joined us to talk about cool cars! is where they live and here is the conversation.

You and Body Image?

So I though body image would be a great topic on the show! Nope no real interest!

Here is the podcast.

Can we believe everything we see? This may sound like an obvious question with an obvious answer, NO. But not so fast. Nightline asked the UAE whether something needed to be done to make the advertising industry more honest? Make the images we see more representative of reality. Not that we are in any way suggesting advertisers are not honest, but some of the images that are used in magazines sure do stretch the limits of reality. With the help of photoshop ordinary women and men are transformed and all in the name of selling something. This is the article that got us started. From a business perspective who can fault an editor for wanting the best images in their publication? Better images equal more eyes, equal better circulation numbers that translates directly into more profit through sales of publications on the newsstand. But there is a dark side to this whole eyes on paper scenario. Our youth, and many adults I am sorry to say, are looking at the images in magazines and measuring themselves against them, really. The problem is these images are manufactured and the ordinary woman and man can never hope to attain what is being depicted as perfect, beautiful or handsome. These ideas are not new, here is the trailer to one of my favorite movies on the issue, yet we seem to be doing, saying and thinking as little as possible about the issue. I was surprised that the people didn’t have more to say on Nightline. Even when a teen herself lamented the role of advertising in influencing her self esteem we remained quiet. Maybe the issue is too hot? Maybe the issue is too close to home? Maybe we don’t think we can make a difference? One thing is for sure, unless we start talking and teaching our youth about the reality of advertising and body image, especially given media connectivity today, things are sure to get a whole lot worse.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Techtalk with Magnus of Pingdom

Here is a great show!

You can get all the notes from


Under the hood!

CarTalk with the boys form Autodata is always full of surprises and some great answers to motoring questions.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Middle East Music!

This was a great night with some fantastic local music!

We played 4 tracks from 4 different regional artists with western influences. Not at all what I expected. 

1. Adam Awad (Egypt):

2. May Al Qasim (Bahrain): 

3. Sector 9 (Lebanon): 

4. Stephen Macgillivray (Dubai-based expat): (electro instrumental only)

Liar Liar!

When is it ok to not tell the truth?  Is there ever a good time?

You never know what you are going to get on Nightline and our conversation about telling the truth was no exception.

Is it ever ok to not tell the truth?

Of course we tell “white lies” all the time.

But just because we tell little lies does that make them ok, I suppose it depends what side of the lie you are on.

Have you ever told a friend they look good in something when they look awful?

Have you ever told someone that the presentation they made was great when it was a bomb?

Of course you have stretched the truth a bit, on occasion, but does that make it right?

Some would say that it is impossible to be 100% truthful and that isn’t a bad thing.

So socially acceptable lies are ok?

But who decides when a lie is acceptable and when it is not?

Maybe we need a liars handbook?

Is it possible that we head down a slippery slope when we don’t have a definition of what is acceptable and not acceptable as far as telling the truth is concerned?

And are there cultural issues to consider?

Excuses, excuses, excuses... that is what we are faced with when we talk about when we should and when we can get away with telling a lie.

Lets face it, if you start down the path of a liar you are eventually going to get caught out and you are going to lose the trust of those you interact with.

Here is an enlightening conversation with a reformed liar, but this guys works with someone who is pathological when it comes to deviations from the truth!

What is your take? How do we draw the line between telling the truth and not telling the truth?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Everett Atkinson on Nightline

Here is a great duo who are doing music in their garage, here they join us on Nightline.

It is really amazing how much talent there is in Dubai.

Men and Women Equal?

Ok the question we asked on Nightline was simple, should women and men be held to the same expectations in the workplace.

Some said yes, some said no and there were even a few depends.

Here is the conversation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Doctors are in the house

It is always nice to talk about your ills with someone who genuinely cares and that is what the med call-in show is all about.

Here is the conversation.

To Bootie or not to Bootie!

Again the question in Dubai is why are people not dressing respectfully?

Too hot, too difficult, who cares?

Nightline asked the question and this is what we got.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby you can drive my car!'s boys join me each week in studio to talk about the latest and the greatest in cars as well as the problems we have to deal with when it comes to our wheels.

Here is the conversation!

Mac Me!

Magnus and I get together on a weekly basis and have a conversation about things going on in the tech world.

Magnus is at and writes about those things we are interested in.

You can get the full show notes here!

And the show as always was great!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Business Jump Start, EO style

Every month a group from joins me in studio to share their business story.

WOW is all I have to say as we go from perfume to rusting tankers this week.

Need a business kick?  This is 45 minutes is worth the investment!

Zoo thinking?

Dubai is finally going to do something about its zoo!

What are your thoughts on zoo culture?

Here is our conversation from Nightline.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The raunchier the better!

So how far does Time, Rolling Stone and the rest of the print magazine industry need to go to sell a magazine?

A mother with her breast exposed and her son having a feed, at age 3, is that taking things a bit too far?

Or are we now so accustom to seeing flesh that we need more extreme cover art to attract us to the magazine rack?

How far are our magazine publishers willing to go to sell their rags?

Narain Jashanmal, GM of Jashanmal Books, joins me to look at the issue.

Are you working to death?

OK maybe not to death but the question we asked on Nightline is whether or not our lifestyle is actually doing us any favours?

Are we getting more ill as we ignore our body clocks and what about technology?

Here is the conversation.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Digital Memory Theft

Well the real question is whether or not technology is robbing us of our memory?

Remember the old school photo album?

What do we have now that requires no operating system and allows us to just enjoy?

Here is the conversation.

Dubai Music

Dubai has a really diverse homegrown music culture and brings it to us.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Your Tech News

Magnus from joins me to talk about the world of Tech!

We look at the Samsung Slate PC Series 7 and a lot more.

We talk cars

The boys from join me to talk cars.

Love the VW review!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Where has the trust gone?

You know what?

It sure does seem that we have lost our trust of our fellow man.


It seems that we would once leave our door, car, office unlocked and now we would never dream of that.

Teachers, can you trust that they know their job?

Do you trust anyone?

We asked the question and here is what we got.

Mr. Fit!

Marcus Smith is that guy who has it going on with fitness, amazing.

And here is the best part Marcus wants to help you get fit and stay fit.

Marcus joins me on Nightline and takes your questions.

This is a great conversation.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What determines your salary?

Nightline asked if colour should or should not play a role in what you get paid?

It would seem that in some cases, in the UAE, our salary is based not on what we know but where we are from!

What are we doing about this?

Here is your take.

Have a pain the Doctors have the answer

Dr Shereen Habib and Dr Sean Petherbridge join me on Nightline to walk you through your medical issues.

Lots of great questions here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Smoking Sales Ban?

This is a question that comes up a lot, what about banning the sales of smokes?

But they are not illegal!

Here is where the conversation went on Nightline.

Need a CarTalk Fix?

Bill and Callum walk us through the basics of your car issues and offer a bit of advice and comedy along the way!

Love the talk on which sports car is a family car, really boys come on!