Monday, April 30, 2012

CORE 304

The band, a rock band, is live in the Nightline studio unplugged.

There is great opportunity in the UAE and this band demonstrates that.

Sci Fi Education

There was a time when Kirk and Bones would play with some cool toys that hinted at augmented reality being possible.

Well the days of AR being sci fi are gone and the reality is in fron of us.

Dr. Anna Wilson walks us through the ideas.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why not learn Arabic?

How do we get the non Arabic speaking expat population in Dubai to take on the Arabic language?

Maybe we need to tie visa renewals to language skills?

Comic Books Rule!

How do we get more people to dive into reading?

Narain Jashanmal of Jashanmal Books things that publishers and retailers have a thing or 2 to learn from the comic book industry!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What is your conflict plan?

Forget about the terrorism or the war on terror, how are you dealing with conflict in the workplace?

Do you let it just happen?

Do you run for cover?

Do you get involved and fight?

Here is what we learned on Nightline.

Big Student Ideas!

Ideas are a great thing and that is the staple of TED, so when students get into the act through a TEDx event magic can happen.

Here is the conversation I had with 4 students who are going to be involved in TEDxWIS, very cool!

The question it leads to is what are you doing with your ideas?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Audi Q7 as reviewed by the boys.

A tonne of questions on this show, give it a listen!


We had a great chat about Google Drive and then we looked at the HTC One X!

I loved the phone.

Would I ditch my iPhone, maybe!

Great look at tech stories with Magnus, have a listen.

Who cares about Earth Day?

Are we so absorbed with issues that the environment is no longer sexy?

The day came and went here and I wonder if people care?


Here is Nightline's question and answer.

Get Fit with

Marcus Smith joins me to tell you that there is NO EASY way to get fit.

But it is very possible and enjoyable!

Here is our conversation a great listen.

Sunday, April 22, 2012 Reviews Dubai

Voiladubai is your one stop shop for reviews of pretty much everything in Dubai and the best part is it is by people like you and me, think tripadvisor.

Farah and I talk about everything from DJing to food!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What to do in Dubai!

Mita and Sherif join me to fill out your weekend and they have the deal list also!

Here is the link to the show notes!

Passports for Cheap? Is Canada messing up?

For every person who is a legitimate immigrant to Canada there are the stories of the person who moven in for 3 years and left with a passport and great medicare!

Uhhh yea there are the people who left with no intention of coming back!

Canada to some is a laughing case because it makes it so easy.

I personally know a person who is even getting child tax credits and he and his family live in Dubai full time, HOW!

Questions about moving to Canada Kathryn MacDonald has the answers!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CarTalk with AutoData

Bill and Callum from join me for some good clean fun talking cars!

Tech Talk

Here is the tech conversation you want to have in Dubai!

Discount code ? Sure! we run the same "pingdomdxb"
50% off of a 1-year Basic Package, saving almost $60

Tech Headlines

Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion, Turns Budding Rival Into Its Standalone Photo App

700,000 Macs struck by Trojan

Apple updates OS X Java to remove Flashback malware

The global gold rush in technology patents gained speed on Monday when Microsoft agreed to pay more than $1 billion for 800 patents held by AOL

Pingdom News

Grab Apple WWDC tickets with Pingdom monitoring

WordPress completely dominates top 100 blogs

Tumblr now has 50 million blogs, 20 billion posts

Google Chrome now the top web browser in Asia


Apple II debut April 16, 1977

Moore’s Law named, April 19, 1965

Deals in country and online

32 GB SD card, $30

240 GB SSD upgrade, with tools and external enclosure, $315

8500mAh Rechargeable Life Battery Pack for iPad 2 [Black] 145 dirhams save 105 dirhams

What we are playing with

Audacity 2.0

ROKU2 XS Streaming Media Player

89$ Amazon

5 for the physical durability and 5 for the software it automatically updated
5 Yes
5 very simple plug in and it does its thing
Design and Form Factor
5  the service looks good and good or bad it doesn’t tease you it registers your proxy and only allows content that fits no Disney, no YouTube No FOX

Great way to access free content on your TV, found a great set of oldies 40,50,60,70s film content that is public domain

Given the restrictions not so sure why you would get this in the UAE

Love the remote absolute minimalist

hdmi connection

wireless connects to computer during registration

Through the Roku Streaming Player, the Pub-D-Hub Channel delivers these timeless classics directly to your television in two versions: Pub-D-Hub Basic and Pub-D-Hub Gold. Basic is our limited free service offering monthly updates. Gold is our premium service offering weekly updates, hundreds of additional titles, SEARCH capability, and more! Gold service is available by subscription for only $2 USD per year!
Who is Pub-D-Hub?
Pub-D-Hub is the product of a small group of people in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey who share a love for classic television, film and radio. Pub-D-Hub is run by a group of volunteers under the leadership of our Founder and Lead Developer, R. Romeo. The channel is self-supported through our volunteers and through the donations and subscriptions of our viewers. Subscriptions and donations help pay for our operating expenses which includes hosting, content distribution, bandwidth allowance and server maintenance.

vimeo, facebook,radio paradise,ted

Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Day Work Week!

Why not a 4 day work week?

The mindshift that is needed seems to be blocked at the business leadership level.

We know we waste a tonne of time at work, facebook, smoking... so why not give us a way to work more economically and get a reward? More time to recharge?

The 4 day work week can and does work for air traffic controllers, why not the rest of us?

Business 101 With

The EONetwork UAE Chapter joined me to talk about how to make business ideas work.

This week Mona Ataya from, Fateen Al-Atassi from Information Technology Services and Fadi Fallah MD of Fallah Brothers joined me to share their experience.

This was a great master class in how to manage time and ideas. I wonder if we need more talks like this at the high school level?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Student Film Festival

Anything is possible!

2 students create a film fest as a project and now it is in its 3rd year!


This is a great conversation one you want to listen to and tell me that for 20 dirhams you can resist attending.

Narain Jashanmal talks Publishing

Is the publishing industry as we know it today dead? Well Narain sure does show us the future and it is pretty wow!

The book is dead!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Why is customer service so bad?

Do you have customer service issues?

We all do and I cannot figure out why it is so bad, still.

Ian Batey from Auto ExSELLence joins me to field your ideas on customer service failure.

Diary On Nightline

Need something to do over the next couple of weeks?

Well Mita and I have pulled together a pretty good list of not so common things going on in Dubai!

And here are our speaking notes.

Car Talk and More

Do you have questions about the rust bucket you are driving? Need a new car or want to sell the clunker?

These guys are funny and informative.

TechTalk with Magnus

It is really amazing how much new tech there is out there and how little we know.

Magnus and I try to wade into the issues and give everyone, mostly me, a better understanding of the tech issues!

Monday, April 02, 2012

We really don't care!

It is a sad day but the reality is we really ONLY care about ourselves.

Others? It is a dog eat dog world out there and it is sad but true we really have stopped caring.

Here is the conversation from Nightline, you be the judge.

Get Fit and Stay Fit

Marcus Smith of joins me to talk fitness.

The deal is simple.

Get a plan and stick with it.

There is no easy way to get fit YOU have to do something and it means movement and diet!

Marcus has a lot of cool tips.

Old people BAHHHH!

Do we spend enough time with the elderly?

No and some say why should we!

More Great Middle East Music

Paul Kelly brings us 3 really easy to listen to regional artists!
Lauren Nieuwland


Shady Ahmed