Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 21 Consumer Test Lab

 I got the Mcam for iPhone 4/4S B&H 155$US online also check for the other bits
  • $170
  • Heavy, solid piece of metal
  • 37mm screw-in macro/wideangle lens
  • Tripod mounts
  • Accessory shoe (for light, flash, mic)
  • External mic
  • I plan to also get the telephoto lens for this, and possibly a better mic
  • Not cheap, but if you plan to do video with your iPhone, this will certainly help
  • Makes you hold the iPhone in a more comfortable position
  • Makes video more stable, you can move the camera in a more steady motion

Air Free Air Steriliser 1400dhs

-for sterilising the air
-no filters
-no moving parts
-maintenance free!
-anti stress light
ozone, bacteria, pollen, virus, pet dandur, mould
99.9% micro organism destroyed at 204 c
5just sits on the floor
5 Yes
5 very simple plug in
Design and Form Factor
5 nice!

DE 400 Atlas Encyclopedia Dictionary translator 314 dhs
-geared to someone lerning english
-talking english arabic dictionary
-has idioms!
-basic encyclopedia
-western etiquette tests
-2 aa batteries
5 fits in a pcket
5 Yes
3 small keyboard and very basic images at times it was not totally intuitive
Design and Form Factor
3 very practical I would like the keyboard to be larger

Sweex Go Speaker Bar USB (12 watt) 84 dhs
-audio and powerover USB or 4 aaa batteries
-black, on off volume on top.
-nice sound and a good addition to what your PC might have
-good for the price

5 nice black moulded plastic case
5 Yes
5 very love the usb or cound cable
Design and Form Factor
5 very nice would look nice with any computer

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 14 Consumer Test Lab

Panasonic SDR-T76
SD Video Camera
Enhanced Optical 78X Zoom

8GB Built in Memory

High Speed USB 2
-love the way at download the title of track comes up on the screen.
-easy to download and comes with software (I used my mac)
-manual lens cover
-old school screen and basic click through commands (easy though)
-has a 33mm wide angle setting
-loved the stabalization ana dindication of panning too fast.
-good noise control for wind
-no external mic

Easy Uploading to YouTube™ and Facebook –

with the included software "VideoCam Suite 3.5"

lcd 2.7 inch screen can reverse
VERY small but easy to grip
100% plastic
no fire wire/headphone or microphone jacks
no remote control
3 very light and plastic, worry about breakage. it feels cheap
5 super can fit in a pocket and has a nice stabalizer and pan control
4 not difficult, old school all the way
Design and Form Factor
4 it is there but nothing special

16/20 1200dhs

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Android 3.1 HoneyComb (no 4.0 yet!)
no USB
16GB Model
3 mb camera. who uses it anyway?
sim easy to install
seemed to be a battery hog!
liked the keyboard
Not rushing to get one!
love that it wanted a password to reset.
had all my regular apps

The fact that it pulled my previous apps onto it WOW!

4 worry about bumping it but it is nice
5 Yes
5 very love the wizard
Design and Form Factor
5 very nice feels like an Apple!

19/20 2300dhs

Samsung Galaxy  Nexus


From SAMSUNG and it is 100% true.

External Mic could be an issue and I am still testing the recording feature

Simplicity & Beauty

Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich—brings an entirely new look and feel to Android. Simple layouts with subtle animations and delightful flourishes make everything feel alive.

5 seems so but hard to see screen in direct sun
5 love the size
4 super although there are still some apps and functionality that is more difficult than it should be, getting to audio recording
Design and Form Factor

19/20  2400dhs

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Feb 7 Test Lab

Viewpad 4 – Dhs.1199
Iomega Media Player – Dhs. 879
I-river MP4 – Dhs.429

iomega ScreenPlay Director HD Media Player
1TB 3 year warranty or 2 TB

Iomega Media Player – Dhs. 879

-can play from home network, a connected USB or the device

Best to connect to TV and Network before powering up as it looks for devices

-you can get a wireless adaptor for it to connect to your internet (not provided)
-no internet cable provided to create online media account and you can add to your player’s content this way by linking to your computer.

-Full size remote with basics on it only!

-supports up to 1080p high definition video running at 24 frames per second (fps), which is the frame rate of Hollywood movies.

-The device also supports other popular formats such as H.264, WMV, AVCHD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and more.

-Delivers online media content and comes pre-loaded with some popular links (US and Europe)
this is a wonderful addition to any home media network be it a stand alone hard drive or networked.  You don’t need to touch it once it is connected to your modem and TV!
For the most part this is not a complicated device to use. There is a setup wizard that is very good.  I found the Online media options a bit on the slow side and several options didn’t seem to work in this region.

BUT this device’s real value comes in you loading media onto it and in this respect it is super and it it is home networked the whole home can access it.
Design and Form Factor
Pretty standard black tower setup.  It blends in nicely which is what you want.  The fan is super quiet.


VIEWPAD4 by View Sonic
Viewpad 4 – Dhs.1199

I would see this as an entry level smartphone if price is an issue but you are thinking you want to be in the smartphone market this may be your phone.

This is an Android 2.2 smartphone

Has a nice 4.1 inch screen!

480X800 screen resolution

Bluetooth, WIFI and HDMI

5 MPS camera
.3MPS front facing

It is a heavy product  and it tries to navigate that space between a phone and tablet, neither well.

It doesn’t have a standout feature.

I worry about this device if it is dropped!
It is heavy. On a positive note when you remove the back to add your sim or Micro SD card this phone is solid! Lots of metal!
4.1 inch screen! I love it!  Would I hook this up to a TV with the HDMI? Not likely.
Ease of Use
This is an android 2.2 device. Work pretty well and for the most part it is easy to navigate but it is not breaking any ground.  The operating instructions out of the box are all pictorial and that is nice. Camera is ok, nothing to write home about.
Design and Form Factor
This is a little square brick! Reminds me of an LG phone in look!


iRiver S100 MP3 Player

I-river MP4 – Dhs.429

-in usa can access digital radio!
-comes in white black or pink
-4GB internal memory expandable to 32 with MicroSD
-manufacturer say 17 hrs battery life in continuous play music, maybe
-7.5 hrs video
-MP3 (MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer3), WMA, OGG, ASF, FLAC, APE
-works with windows!   Windows 7 / Windows Vista / WindowsXP / Windows 2000
Small Screen, why you would watch video on this but them people do with BlackBerry, 2.83" (7.2cm) TFT LCD (320x240) 260000 Colours
-ncie clean balck plastic body
small power button on lower left side and then a 5 button pad on the front that is invisible (hot key feature) Intuitive really)
-no touch screen
-FM Radio with Recording!
-easier to work with device if you download iRiver plus4 (only PC) Free
simple not very pretty

This is a light plastic case product.
The build seems ok but I was worried about losing it and don’t think of dropping it!
Ease of Use
It is easy to use but the operating system is so basic it is easy to move away from a function. Love the recording of radio oprtion.
no mic, no camera
Really need to download iRiverPlus4 to get content on the device
Design and Form Factor
Nice screen, small and basic. Micro SD goes int he bottom, ok
It looks nice and does what it says on the box. The plastic is light and polished it could do with more weight.