Monday, November 28, 2011

Cover a car with cash?

Yup when it comes to a birthday we do all sorts of crazy great things. Here is an odd but cool story about the 40th birthday of the UAE and a Camero!

Rolling Art

If you love classic cars then this is for you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Journalism Future Today

Journalism needs a real kick in the pants! It isn't so much the content but the delivery and the economic side of things. Do we have the tools? YES! Do we have the will? YES! And I have one word for you VERICORDER! This is a conversation that you need to listen to! Students, professors, reporters, editors there is a future in front of us that is going to make how we deal with information a new game!

CARTALK you need!

Well this is the best radio you can get because we are talking cars! Ian and Bill join me from and solve problems as well as keep us up to date with the must know auto news! A little review of the Hyundai Prada!

Voiladubai Reviews By You

Ever wonder about where to find this or that? For me I am always asking people what they think of this or that. Well makes it easy to get advice! Food, hairdressing, and much more all come into the conversation this week.

Amazing Women!

Rosa Areosa is doing a 7 day, 7 Emirate, 7 marathon experience! WOW. Here is the way to find her!

Total Marketing 2011

I had the pleasure of hanging out at the Total Marketing 2011 conference in Dubai. It was at this conference that I suggested that marketing people have their heads int he sand when it comes to traditional media! I called the situation a crisis! Digital, social, old school all have different conversations taking place and these conversations link. Too bad the marketing people don't see it! Great conversations and I hope to go back! Here are my thought from Nightline.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Techied.

Magnus 3.0 helps you make sense of the daily tech news.

The Cool Accountant

Now here is finally a person who I want to have do my books!

Smart, funny and she knows her stuff!

Daniella Williams walks us through the 10 things you need to be thinking about if you are setting up a business. sms success to 5269 for all her details.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diary time!

Well, all too often there are a lot of great things going on in the UAE and you have no idea.

Well, Mita and Sherif are doing you a huge favour and here it is the Diary program.

Listen to the end for the deals!

Mita and Sherif join me on Nightline to give you the heads up on events and causes in Dubai that you may have missed. is high on the list this week!

Rock on with Naser Mesterahi

OK what is going on?

 Why is Naser not being played on the radio stations of the UAE?

 Catch this interview and there are 2 songs played here, very cool guy and great music.

 Paul Kelly from joins me in studio and brings a musical guest. Naser Mesterahi is the self taught multi instrumentalist from Doha who is taking the middle east rock and roll scene by storm. Naser broke history with the launch of Qatar's 1st rock album and he is set to do it again.

Catch our conversation here.

Tech3.0 with Magnus for the show notes.

Magnus Nystedt is now at and is still the tech guru.

We catch up with Magnus every Tuesday from 9 to 9:30.

Here is our conversation.


Bill Carter from joins me in the studio to talk cars.

Send your questions for next week to

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dubai's CarTalk with AutoData

Bill Carter and Ian Batey from Autodata join me to talk all things automotive. is where you can find them.

There was talk about a system to account for the condition of cars, repairs done and more, this fits well into the used car market.

Well, is coming!

Grapohic Images on Cigaarette Packages

We asked the question of whether or not graphic images on cigarette packaging can create better awareness of the hazards of smoking?

This is from Canada. What do you think? Effective?