Monday, October 31, 2011

When are cloths too sexy?

What is too provocative when we talk about womans and mens wear? Should we police what people wear or is it a free for all? Nightline's Conversation. This is not a cut and dry conversation at all!

Hellwafashion Radio

This is fashion radio on DubaiEye your one stop shop for the latest news and reviews of fashion! This is fun informative and beautiful radio!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Personal Hygiene is it an issue?

Personal hygiene is a big issue everywhere. How do you deal with people who have bad body odor? What about bad breath? Dandruff on the shoulders? There are no easy answers BUT is ignoring the issue good for anyone? Here is a Nightline conversation with the community.

Women in Film & Television, UAE

Join the Facebook group, Women in Film and Television, UAE.

Michelle Nickelson and Dedra Stevenson, the co-chairs of the UAE chapter of Women in Film and Television join me to talk about the film and television industry in the UAE. Women are being an offered an amazing opportunity to take leadership in this industry with the help of WIFT.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Your Accounting Class on The Radio

This is accounting 101 with Daniella Williams. Daniella Williams joined me in studio for a conversation about how to sort out your invoicing. Sounds simple but this is an area of business many small operations mess up. Some great advice! Here is the podcast.

Car Talk

This is one of my favorite radio spots! For a long time this show had a home on another station in Dubai, now it lives on the Eye! So what is the show about and who are the experts? Send your automotive questions, for the show to Who are the CarTalk Guys? Bill Carter and Ian Batey, both from, join me to talk cars and the issues we have with them. Bill, known as the grandfather of the office, trained as a mechanic and trained apprentices to City & Guilds Technician level. Bill spent 13 years working for the AA (Automobile Association) Last 4 years as Staff Engineer which involved inspecting vehicle, accident investigation, giving evidence in Court as expert witness. TV & Radio interviews on the automotive industry. Then worked for Glass’s Guide in UK for 16 years. Originally writing technical manuals then progressed through the company to end up as Residual Value Forecasting Editor and regarded as one of three experts in the industry at that time. Advised manufacturers on pricing, specification and warranty issues. Ian is a successful senior Automotive Manager with over a decade of experience in the United Kingdom & the UAE. Ian has vast Management experience with volume brands at both retail and distributer level, he also has an extensive knowledge of F&I and automotive training. Ian wrote and delivered the Al-Futtaim Automall and Al-Futtaim Honda Sales Process to all sales associates and managers. He is a professional with integrity and a can do attitude, with a proven record of Automotive Management at a senior level. Ian has exceptional interpersonal skills and understands how to get the best from his team. A respected individual within the industry who is a strong team player, developing individuals through mentoring and training to deliver both commercial and personal goals. Ian has the ability to quickly assess a company’s business needs and develop strong relationships at all levels, providing clarity and diffusing confusion and conflict. Here is the podcast.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Off the Magazine Rack.

This week we went back to the magazine rack at Jashenmal Books and found 4 great mags that all had the idea of change between the cover. Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stone, GQ and Esquire. We ended up asking if we should just fire people and stop sugar coating things!

Are Men Really From Mars?

How well are we men and women at communicating with each other? Is our communication struggle a myth? Last night on Nightline we asked that question and this was the answer we got.

Monday, October 17, 2011

White Cane Day!

White Cane Day Have you ever wondered what would a day in the life of a visually impaired individual normally entail? The Office of Accessibility at Zayed University launched the Second Annual International White Cane Day on Monday October 17th. L'occitane was involved highlighting their Foundation work for the visually impaired.,29,1,2270,106327.htm

Appraisal of Teachers are we doing it well?

How much time do we give to the idea of appraising our teachers? Dr. Amanda Howard of the British University in Dubai, has pulled together a fantastic team to take the issues and ideas of appraisal to the stakeholders in the UAE. Judy Wren of Zayed University, Ann Akin of UGRU at United Arab Emirates University and Doug Henderson the Associate Dean of HCT Al Ain Colleges also joined in the conversation as key organizers of the appraisal road show.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Somalia Education

USAID recently held a conference in Somalia about education reform. This conference might be seen as a way to restart the conversation about community! John Mitchell or RIT and Michael O'Brien of HCT were at the conference and share their observations.

Voiladubai picks in Dubai

Farah and I go through and read the reviews of products and services that have been posted by the ordinary Dubaians! This is the place to go and find out what people really think of things new and old in Dubai!

Magnus is the Tech Guy! Magnus joins us from Gitex!

Food it up! Chef Andy joins us to help you make your kitchen a better place. And Andy walks us through a great eat! This guy can really cook up a storm!

Beat Stress!

Darren Abrahams, or, joins me from the UK to talk about how you can deal with the stress in your life and what it might be doing to you! You know I have tried the basics and it works!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Off The Rack Business Essentials!

My big complaint about education is that it is out of touch. Great textbooks that are wonderful historical documents BUT they are not really good at looking at what is happening right now! This show, with Narain Jashanmal, is a great conversation about some essential reading off the magazine rack. This is a free education! Here is the podcast.


All too often we pick up a textbook and figure it will help us with the basics of our business. Maybe, maybe not. I think a great way to learn and develop your skills is to talk to others in the thick of things! on BIZ101 we talk with EO members about the reality of running a business. Here is the podcast.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nevercell on Nightline

It isn't very often that you get to listen to a local heavy metal band on talk radio in Dubai. Well this is as much about music and culture as it is about education! Really! These guys are all university graduates and they have taken on this music, as an artistic form of expression. I got to chat with 2 of the band members for an hour and was floored! And we had a chance to listen to a couple of songs! Great story and great music! Enjoy. Here is the whole sow. This is a shorter piece where we talk about and listen to the 7th song on the 2nd CD.

Dubai Diary

My big complaint about Dubai is that I never seem to know what is going on in the city! So I have taken matters into my own hands and created a radio show just for me! DIARY! Mita and Sherif 2 of the cities most interesting event promoters join me to let you in on some of the best kept events coming to the city. And we always give you a bit of planning space! Here is the podcast of the show from October 5. If you have anything you would like us to add to the list send me an email

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Project Stylist in Dubai Marissa Woods, Natasha Vallen and Khulood Al Thani joined me in the nightline studio to talk about the upcoming Project Stylist event. Things kick of November 18 and 19th with the grand finale of pitching your style brief to with a trip to Fashion Week in NYC. An interesting conversation.

Mr. Fitness

Marcus Smith of joins me to take your questions about all things fitness. This is the kind of conversation that has to get you thinking about your gut!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Women Fitness Dynamos

Candice Howe and Amna Al Haddad join me in studio to talk about what they are doing to get back to the CrossFit Games and train. Amna is a weight lifting enthusiast, imagine.

Off the Rack

Jashanmal Books has provided us with a bunch of magazines that we go through each week and try to figure out what is going on in the world! Narain Jashanmal joins me to unpack the news.