Thursday, September 30, 2010

Men and Make-up!

Huda Kattan joined me for a conversation about beauty and tips on how you can be the best you can be!

This was a great conversation and she will join us on a monthly basis to answer your questions and beauty concerns! in London

Chef Andy joins us for a conversation about easy to make ketchup! And more of course.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts on UAE events?

Generally speaking are you happy with events int he UAE or would rather not talk about them?

Dubai has the final word.

Basma Al Fahim joined me in studio to talk about how a recent grad, 2008, has managed to enter the pretty full field of event planning in Dubai.

I love the story about dad having the kids do business plans every time they wanted to start a little something at home.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fast Food Hero or Victim?

Are we eating ourselves to death with fastfood?


We are out of control for sure.

Here are the thoughts from Dubai! Love the last 2 minutes...

The World of WildPeeta

How often do you hear a food entrepreneur ignite the passion of people who he interacts with.

Well this is well beyond food this is food as a tool for social motivation!

Here is who came to the studio to talk about the WildPeeta Phenomenon!

These are random tweeps who answered our

RSVP on Twtvite. The criteria was that they had

to currently be bloggers / podcasters / social

media group.

@Aabo0 aka Abdulla Al Suwaidi (Blogger /

Podcaster / Social Media Group)

Bio: An eccentric individual. Reading, writing,

gaming, geeking, diving, organizing, podcasting,

tweeting, Me.

Joined Twitter: Mon Dec 01 05:34:26

@LabibaLaith aka Labiba Laith (Blogger)

Bio: Phenomenal Woman that's me.Who happens

2 B Iraqi. Who's inspired by taste of words thru

my eyes, ears & tongue. different, wild &

constrained. Confused? so am I

Joined Twitter: Sun Jan 25 23:52:17

@TDAllonsy aka Anastasia (Blogger / Podcaster

/ Social Media Group)

Bio: sci-fi fan; life-long college student; aspiring

journalist/writer; Browncoat; #TwitBookClub

founder; Apple fan; audio engineer; librarian; wear

many other hats.

Joined Twitter: Sun May 24 12:56:54

@HishamWyne aka Hisham Wyne (Blogger /

Journalist on Huffington Post)

Bio: Copywriter, columnist, wordsmith, pen for

blatant hire. Radio commentator. Currently

struggling with first novel.

Joined Twitter: Sat Nov 15 19:32:11

@MEVEG aka Sandya (Social Group)

Bio: Organizer of Middle East Vegetarians Group on


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chris Johns Editor in Chief National Geographic Magazine

Chris Johns joined me on the phone to talk about National Geographic on the heals of the launch of the Arabic magazine!

A good story is what keeps them on top!

Too lazy to recycle!

We talked about recycling and the reality is we are too lazy to do it!

Why! Why! Why!

Too lazy to recycle!

We talked about recycling and the reality is we are too lazy to do it!

Why! Why! Why!

Chef Andy!

Chef Andy Campbell joined us for a little help at getting the lunch ready and wanting to eat the food! go to the blog for the instructions on how-to.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Magnus and Technology

Who doesn't need a bit of a tech fix?

Magnus is in the house to help navigate the tech world and of course the latest stuff! for the show notes, you need those!

Always good fun and we don't always agree!

GPS? Or Maps?

So how do you get around?

Are men the worst for asking for help?

Are women directionally challenged?

What about maps?

Dubai gives a bit of advice!

Are people in Dubai too lazy?

On Nightline we had a wonderful conversation about keeping active, fit and joining teams to help keep the flab off!

We push out kids BUT do we push ourselves?

I think, and it would seem you as well, that we are simply too lazy.

Catch the podcast.

Basketball in the UAE

Luqman Rashad and Ali Razeq of MPAC Sports joined me for a conversation about basketball as a way of life and how the spirit of Chicago is being kindled here through basketball!, or Facebook Mpac Basketball.

I love the stories of how these guys got into the basketball business!

Monday, September 20, 2010

How much are you reading?

Do we read enough? what are you reading? Where do we get good books?

Dubai talks.

Great Arabic Kids Books

I was joined by Zeyna Al Jabri for a conversation about her project,, that she hopes will up the quality of children's literature in Arabic.

There is a long way to go Zeyna says BUT there is hope and the door is open to talkent!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

TEDxDubai presents TEDxChange

Iman Ben Chaibah and Uzma Atcha joined me in the studio to talk about TEDxChange, September 20th.

This TEDx event will be linking back to the USA for a live feed and will also have a local UAE component. and follow the link to TEDxChange to get more information and sign up.

Tax in Dubai?

What if VAT or some other form of tax was brought in in Dubai.

I was surprised that there was so little emotion.

Nobody likes a tax unless there is accountability, so if the funds are used in a transparent manner people might be ok with it.

What we really do need to be thinking about is the way tax will look here and not borrow a western model.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too much surveillance?

How do you feel about pretty much being watched all the time?

Even our private environments seems to have the creeping eyes of Big Brother!

Dubai talks about its views on growth of global video surveillance.

Magnus and Technology

Magnus joined us int he studio for a good old chat about what is new and and coming on the technology front.

Surftime Dubai

Yes there is surf in Dubai!

Carl and company were in the studio talking about the surf scene.

Are you a good parent?

A great conversation on what a good parent is!

There seems to be a lot of thinking about our parents.

Do we just need to trust ourselves more?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do men know fashion?

What a conversation! Men are the best fashion designers, yet so many men have no clue when it comes to fashion, how?

We opened the phone lines and let the men of the UAE weigh in on the topic.

Hellwafashion and the UAE.

We had a jolly old conversation about double pushup bras, men and purses and a whole lot more with the UAE's Fashionista!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Finance lessons over the last 18 months

We had a nice conversation about what we have learned about our money and how we spend it over the last 18 months.

Robert Weston, executive producer of Nightline, out did himself with the interviews he pulled together for this segment.

As always we had a nice mix of calls and SMS messages to allow us to take the pulse of the nation.

Chef Andy joins us from the street in London to talk about food!

The idea of using oats as a main course is starting to sound very interesting.

Finance with Keren Bobker

Keren Bobker joined me for a conversation about starting to get your financial house in order.

Lots of good information the key is the THINK!

"Keren Bobker" ,

Keren Bobker AIFP, AFPC
Senior Consultant
Holborn Assets Insurance Brokers LLC
PO Box 333851
Dubai, UAE.

My website:

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tech with Magnus

Lots of new happenings in the UAE when it comes to technology!

Get all the news and reviews from Magnus and dxbtech.

Can we have too much technology?

Dubai was asked about technology and it was an interesting talk.

Technology is pretty basic!

It is up to you and I to make healthy choices... I wonder if we really do or if marketing pulls us into tech?


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

We are bad drivers, Dubai Talks

We asked you how you rate as a driver and the results are, not so good!

The Suraya Foundation

From tragedy to positive community change, the Suraya Foundation is trying to fill the void in driver awareness and create a better motoring environment.

Check out the Oath Campaign.

Get involved any way you can.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Maria Project.

The Maria Project is all about change for the lowest person on the ladder of life.

In this case children and adults caught in poverty in Bangladesh.

One woman had a dream and 5 years on what amazing development.

A conversation with volunteers and children involved in the Maria Project.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

food Safety and Road Safety.

People in Dubai were asked if they think about food safety!

The general response was no! As Callum at Jeep suggested the more you think the less you will eat!

We then moved onto the roads and many felt that drivers were doing a better job YET some roads are still a big problem. General though fines seem to work! is back and talking food.

Andy will join us each Wednesday for a 15 minute kitchen break and in October we start the cooking lessons on the air!

Cooking can be family fun and we plan to help you in that department.