Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who rides the metro?

For an hour we spoke to Dubai about their public transport use.

Interesting test and sms messages!

Seems the metro has a lot going for it, now its about reinforcing the benefits!

Tech with Magnus


Magnus Nystedt joins me for a weekly update on what is hot and not in the land of tech.

And this week Magnus had some great ideas about Eid gifts.

Digital vs hardcopy?

Dubai talks about its love for getting news via newspapers and the pull towards technology.

Dr. Reynolds on Education as Business

Never a dull moment with Dr. Reynolds.

What is the problem with private education in the UAE? Heads are not good managers and there is a lack of business sense!

Dr. Reynolds has some interesting and off the wall ideas!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Talk about Ramadan and Dubai Saving

Nightline starts with a call-in feature.

Listeners call and text with views about Ramadan and Dubai saving 30% in the next budget!

A Conversation with Dr. Azad Moopen

Dr. Azad Moopen joined me in studio for a conversation about 25 years in the medical field and how he has taken a love of teaching and turned it into a thriving business.