Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nightline is on Vacation until August 30!

Dear Nightliners!

We are on vacation until the end of August!

Have a great summer.

James and Sara

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have a great Summer! Back August 29.

Thank you all for the kind and generous support of Nightline.

The program is taking summer leave and will be back August 29th.


James and Sara

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reporter talks about Freedom Floatilla Experience

Abbas Al Lawati was on the Freedom Floatilla reporting when it all went wrong.

Abbas talks to us about reporting on the Freedom Floatilla and becoming part of the story.

Gulf News reporter coming home
A sense of relief overwhelms Muscat home of Gulf News reporter Abbas Al Lawati
By Sunil K. Vaidya, Bureau ChiefPublished: 09:55 June 2, 2010
Gulf News Staff Reporter, Abbas Al Lawati.Image Credit: Gulf News Archive
Muscat/Dubai: A sense of relief and anticipation overwhelmed the Muscat home of Gulf News reporter Abbas Al Lawati and the newspaper's offices in Dubai amid reports that he may be coming home very soon.
Abbas, who was aboard the ship attacked by Israel, on Wednesday called up Gulf News from Jordan where he was deported from Israel.

Abbas said that all of his possessions have been confiscated, including his passport. This means he will be sent to his home country of Oman, although he lives and works in Dubai.
Reacting to the news, Abbas' mother Iffat Al Lawati said: "We are relieved to hear that he is safe."
According to a WAM report, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it "will transfer Arab citizens who were aboard the Freedom Flotilla back to their home countries." and tech talk

Magnus Nystedt the managing editor of Shufflegazine joins us for a wrap up of the 25 issues of tech talk on Nightline.

We have cool to odd to talk about when it comes to tech stuff.

Chef Andy does it again giving us 3 great dishes to entertain and wow a crowd with.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Democamp Innovation

Mushed Mohamed the mind behind Http:// and Dr. Khalid Khawaja the Dean of Information and Technology at the American University in Dubai join me to talk DEMOcamp.

What a night with Hellwafashion!

It was all about men and what we are and are not wearing!

Send in pictures of your guy in denim cutoff shorts they are in I am told!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

English College in Tanzania

The English College in Dubai and the American Academy for Girls have 20 students in Tanzania doing good!

There is hard labour and unconditional love being given to children!

The ultimate application of the classroom activity.

John Kendry joins me in studio for a conversation.

BP what Dubai is thinking

Everyone has an opinion about BP here is what Dubai is thinking.

Dr. Chris Reynolds on Education

The business of education is a curious thing.
Dr. Reynolds thinks he can see where it is going.

Vertical integration and getting over the welfare state mentality. to find out more.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a great conversation!

Sail Magazine is an independent Emirati magazine. The magazine was an idea that was waiting to be incubated for a long time. With the right support and people, it was finally founded on 1st of March by Iman Ben Chaibah.
Iman Ben Chaibah
Founder/Editor in Chief

This magazine is called Sail. Yet it could’ve been called many things e.g. Urban, Intellectual, Avant-garde youth or any other academically adjective-ised reference to the young. But be literal? Why label it? And why limit it? Are the youth the only hope? Are we unable to enjoy the inspiration we may find in those who rediscover their inspiration? We must not judge, only analyse. We must not only speak, but also listen. We must not only advocate, but also meditate. We must not only propose, but also respond. We cannot be critical and still be defensive. We must sail. Accept the gift of wind and row when it is not generous. We must ride the seas that are wave and calm. This magazine is called Sail.

Sail will attempt and fail and learn and attempt and fail and learn. Sail is a journey that does not end, one day its wood would deconstruct and be used to make a fire for the cold or erect a raft of rafts with a sail of sails for greater attempts, fantastic failures and even more lessons.

Sail’s purpose is to maintain a platform of curiosity.

F1 in School Team Impulse Dubai College

Team Impulse joins me in studio to talk about their win in at the UAE F1 in School championship!

Off to Singapore.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little league Baseball in Dubai

We had a nice chat about Little League Baseball in Dubai and the team that is heading to Poland and maybe the Little League World Series!

2010/11 News!!!
Online registration will be open from Aug. 1st until Sep. 31st at 700 Dhs and from Oct. 1st to 15th at 850 Dhs. Three onsite registration will be planned between Sep. 15th and 30th at ASD, DAA and DLL. Opening Ceremony will be on Jan. 8th and Closing will be on Mar. 26th. Players assessment will be on Oct. 29th and 30th and teams should be announced by Nov. 15th.

ipad chat with Magnus with Magnus talks to us all about the cool stuff you can get for an ipad!

Chef Andy and Coolers talks to us about refreshing and fun things to drink from the garden and beyond!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Democamp Dubai

We all need a bit of inspiration to get on with things.

Maybe it is an App, or a full operating system.

DEMOcamp might be your answer.

As part of Dubai Internet City’s continuous encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovation, we are pleased to host another DemoCamp Session in 2010.
If you’re a student, entrepreneur or a start-up, this is your ideal platform to demo your application that may be a work in progress, close to release or even in full production.

From Web to Mobile Applications, English or Arabic content, Local or Regional reach… and other this is your opportunity to showcase your product.

A great crowd to garner some valuable feedback, find a collaborator, potential clients and employees.

Don’t miss the upcoming DemoCamp session:
June 23rd, 2010

Click here to view the participation criteria, to submit your demo or to attend!

Keren bobker on your finances

Keren joined me for a great conversation about how much trust we can put in the public information available about finance.


Who and what can you trust and your professional finance consultant!

A good listen.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Football Fever!

OK I am not the big football fan!

But there is a lot of action here in the UAE!

A conversation about football.

A great conversation with the UAE Arthritis Foundation.

Katrina and Dr. Humaira join me for a wonderful chat.

Find them on Facebook and Twitter UAEArthritis or

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nayla Al Khaja Film Maker

Nayla Al Khaja joins me for a conversation about film in the UAE!

All Gadgets!

Magnus of joins me to talk all things Apple!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Neasa Lawless on Archives

Neasa Lawless joins me for a conversation about becoming an archivist and WHY!

Chef Andy joins us for a conversation about food!

A great capstone project from CIT students at Zayed University!

Edutech's Mike Brown!

Edutech, a leading education and learning solutions company, who has partnered with PTC, a US based software company, and Dubai Men’s College to offer a comprehensive program to develop and inspire the next generation of innovative and creative engineers and designers in the UAE. As part of PTC’s donation, each high school will receive a free site license of Pro|ENGINEER® Wildfire software worth AED 3.3 million, which also includes free home use for students. The total commercial value of the software donation is AED 4.6 billion and marks a major commitment and investment in the UAE education sector.

CCMS students talk about the US

ZU students talk about what they learned from an exchange to the USA.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Lenore Skenazy and Free Range Kids!

Parents you have Lenore's permission to be a parent and let your kids grow up!
  • Do you ever…

    Do you ever...let your kid ride a bike to the library? Walk to school? Make dinner? Or are you thinking about it? If so, you are raising a Free-Range Kid! Free-Rangers believe in helmets, car seats, seat belts — safety! We just do NOT believe that every time school age kids go outside, they need a security detail. Share your stories, tell your tips and maybe I'll use them in a new book. Here's to common sense parenting in uncommonly overprotective times!
  • Twitter @FreeRangeKids

There is always an upside to kindness!

Listen to these guys who are behind the KindnessOffensive!

Face in the Crowd Awards

Well, as promised we awarded our 1st 2 FIC Awards last night!

Helen for giving up a vacation to help Adam get to a marathon for charity! And they did not know each other!

Salma is now known as Ms. Santa here is her story!

Hi James,

This story is very simple, it is selfless, and I would like to share it with your listeners for your version of the Arthur awards! It is not about saving the world, or doing some gigantic effort that may seem too big for many. It is about small things that also matter, small things that make you think: hmmm that was a nice thing to do, I wish more people did things like that... or I wish I actually thought and did that!

And that's where the story starts, it is about a small thing that my friend Salma did in two Christmases ago. The story starts in early December 2008, when I picked up Salma from this beauty salon where she was doing her nails. She gets in the car, and tells me: I was talking to the girl that did my nails, and do you believe that all of the girls that work here have to work on christmas day!? They don't get any day off, that must be so sad!

It is worth noting that Salma is actually muslim, however she likes the Christmas spirit of families, friends getting together and enjoying a special time together. While looking all surprised and sad about these girls at the Salon, her eyes suddenly light up and she starts smiling, and she says: I know what I am going to do, I will put together goody bags for all these girls, and I will deliver these bags to them on Christmas day. This will surely put a great smile on their face, it will pull them away, at least for a few instances, from their "office" and will hopefully make their christmas day a little more special!

I thought, hmm, thats a cool idea, but deep inside, I thought this is probably another one of those ideas that people come up with in the heat of the moment, but do not really follow through. A couple of weeks passed, and to my surprise, Salma tells me the plan for her Friday: I will go to the Supermarket to buy the stuff missing on my list! She works for a famous cosmetics company, so she already gathered from her office a lot of cosmetics products that the Beauty Salon ladies should love (and use for themselves and not on clients). However, she wanted to give more, to make the gift more complete. She went and bought nice bags, and filled them with various items that she thought the girls would love. As I work in a famous chocolate company, I wanted to contribute as well and provided Salma with lots of fresh chocolate to fill the bags! :) If I recall correctly, she had planned to put together around 15-20 goody bags, and unfortunately I was flying away for Christmas, so I could not provide my help till the end. I made sure to give some "advice" to Salma to get help from others, but knowing her excitement, passion and dedication, I knew that she will not think and do the whole thing on her own, and she will invest a good sum of her money in the whole process.

From there on, I just know the story as Salma told it to me. She said that she got to the mall with her car filled with bags. She ignored my advice to get a trolley, and struggled to carry all the bags at once from the parking lot to the Beauty Salon. With her hands all red and tired, she enters the Salon on Christmas morning... and she sees all the girls busy working on other women getting ready for their fancy lunches. The girls looked strangely at Salma, wondering why this girl walked in with many bags... and then Salma took one bag and yelled Merry Christmas!!! This is for you!!! So at first, they looked at her akwardly, confused.. Then Salma insisted, take this bag, its a gift! Then one of the ladies came close to take one bag, then another, and then suddenly, when they all realized that these were their actual gifts, Salma was swarmed by these girls smiling and laughing on Christmas day, wanting to find out what goodies they got in these nice bags!! I can just imagine the smile on Salma's face as well, seeing her efforts and time resulted in so many small little giggles and laughs on Christmas day!

This experience was such a success that Salma repeated it in 2009, and it got again the same happiness and smiles that its intended to. I guess this explains why Salma's name at that beauty salon is Ms. Santa :).

This is it, a simple, cute selfless act that makes a small difference. If more people do more small selfless acts, I believe they would add up to big acts that can make big differences around us! I learnt something from Salma's actions, and I hope more people do as well!


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Berlin School of Creative Leadership

Our conversation about the Berlin School.

Berlin School

The mission of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership at Steinbeis University Berlin is to become the world's leading institute for quality executive education and research into creative leadership.

By bringing together top creative executives and international leadership experts, the Berlin School will pave the way for new standards in communication and leadership, fostering global discourse on creative leadership in media, entertainment, advertising, design, journalism, and marketing.

At its heart is the Executive MBA in Creative Leadership, a part-time program comfortably spread over one year, taking place in Berlin and other creative industry hotspots like Chicago, New York, London, Shanghai and Tokyo.

The Berlin School plays an active role in supporting and publishing scientific research that raises global standards in all creative industry fields and provides valuable resources on creative leadership.

By staging high profile international events - industry symposiums, global executive conferences for creative directors and executive leadership seminars and workshops - the Berlin School fuels open dialog within the creative community, tackling key issues such as new leadership practices.

creative industries

The Berlin School was created by creative industry professionals for creative industry professionals. Our participants and creative faculty are active in the following fields:

  • Media: New media, media planning, games and interactive technologies
  • Entertainment: Film, music television production and broadcasting
  • Advertising: International and independent agencies, networks
  • Design: Fashion, product design, graphic design, architecture
  • Journalism: Newspaper, magazine and online publishing, broadcast
  • Marketing: Global marketing, communications, public relations

We welcome participants from other industries as well, and have industries such as education, transportation, telecommunication and travel represented by participants. Still, we think the creative industries are special, because more than any other they are dependent on the quality of the ideas and innovations that their people generate. Where being creative is a part of the business, the Berlin School helps to put creativity at the heart of the business.


How well equipped are we to deal with carbon footprint issues in business? are the people to consult with!


What do you know about

Well here is the behind the scenes interview!