Monday, May 31, 2010

Do you buy Fake?

An interesting conversation about fake vs. real products and where we draw the line!

Ice Warrior Challenge

Get 70 people together who want to win a prize and you can expect them to do almost anything!

Check out Ski Dubai on June 4th for this great event!

Funds are being raised for!

The Green Foundation

This is a great idea that is simple and timely!

Get rid of your electro junk and get a bit of cash!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dubai Dance Festival

WOW this is great! for all the details

The following is the event program of the 3rd Annual Dubai Dance Festival 2010.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2010

Join the party before the party. We start our weekend with a pre-party on Wednesday night where guests dine and dance with the artists . Entrance is FREE for all full pass holders. For non Full pass holders - entry fee is AED 50/- for all. Party starts at 10pm.

Venue : El Malecon - Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa - Jumeirah Beach Road .

International Guest DJ Moe Flex ( UK ) & DJ Tony Lara - warm up by resident DJ Udia . Watch out for some surprise performances on the night!!!

Thursday , 3rd June 2010

15.00h: Start Registrations in the entrance hall of The First Group Theatre - Souk Madinat Jumeirah
18.30h: Start of the best dance school shows. Free seating for all.
20.30h: Start of The ‘Believe Me, I’m a Dancer’ Musical show. Free seating for all.
22.00h: Party in the spectacular PM Bar - Ibis Hotel World Trade Centre - Sheikh Zayed Road . Doors open to 2 areas with enough space for the most exciting SALSA party of the year . Enjoy Bachata, Zouk, Cha Cha Cha, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and much more !! International & Regional Guest DJs will keep YOU glued on the dance floor all night long....
Dress code : Costume Party - so dress up Folks!!
03.00h: End of the party @ PM Bar Ibis Hotel World Trade Centre.

Friday, 4th June 2010

09.30h: Doors open for the workshops. Registrations begins @ PM Bar Ibis Hotel World Trade Centre
10.00h: Choice of over 20 excellent Workshops in 2 different dance areas @ PM Bar Ibis Hotel World Trade Centre.
17.00h: End of the Workshops @ The PM Bar Ibis Hotel World Trade Centre Dubai .
18.30h: Beginning of the International, regional and best of the dance school talent shows on main stage @ The First Group Theatre – Madinat Jumeirah. Free seating for all.
20.30h: Start of The ‘Believe Me, I’m a Dancer’ Musical show. Free seating for all. Presentation of 2nd Dubai Dance Awards!!
22.30h: Party in the spectacular PM Bar - Ibis Hotel World Trade Centre - Sheikh Zayed Road . Doors open to 2 areas with enough space for the most exciting PURE Salsa party of the year . Enjoy Bachata, Zouk, Cha Cha Cha, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and much more!! International & Regional Guest DJs will keep YOU glued on the dance floor all night long....
Dresscode: "Dress to impress!"
03.00h: End of the party @ PM Bar - Ibis Hotel World Trade Centre.

Saturday, 5th June 2010

10am : Choice of over excellent Workshops in 2 different dance areas @ PM Bar Ibis Hotel World Trade Centre.
16.00h: Doors open to the pool party @ Hotel Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai. Access to this party will be for all FULL pass holders and the festival attendees only!!
18.00h: End of the Pool party.
22.00h: Door opens for the closing party at Zinc - Crown Plaza Hotel. Special shows exclusively for the Dubai Dance festival at this party.
00.00h: End of the Party

Chef Andy

Chef Andy joined me for a great chat on the food you might want to start cooking.

Chef Andy Campbell - Cooking With A Difference
Born in London, Andy developed an early passion for cooking, and after studying at Westminster College he opened his first restaurant at the age of 23. Over the years, he has developed a signature cuisine style which has attracted a following of gourmet enthusiasts around the world.

Andy has been the Head Chef at many well-known London fine dining restaurants including following Marco Pierre White as Head Chef of the Café Royal, Anthony Worrell Thompsons Ménage a Trois, and the famous French House in London’s Soho. Eventually he became the Chef du Patron of Andy’s at 23 Romilly Street – one of London’s most prestigious private members clubs. More recently, Andy has turned his sights to the Middle East, and is developing an organic menu and over-seeing one of Dubai’s most intimate fine dining restaurants – Andy’s located in The Jumeirah Gardens, an exclusive guest house which is one of the most unique and personal places to stay in the city. He is also scheduled to soon launch The Invershin Hotel, an intimate restaurant located in the Highlands, Scotland. Then spend the summer at Dalduff Farm, cooking with James McFadzean.

Andy’s cooking skills are much sought after, and he has created exclusive menus and private events for a number of well-known celebrities, politicians, and other famous personalities. Developing this idea further, Andy developed his own unique at home concept – “Cooking with Andy”. Guests may book Andy to be their own private chef for the day in the comfort of their own home; this which is proving to be an exciting new entertainment option.

After a cooking appearance in Lyon, France, in 2009, Andy wrote ‘A Summer in France” which highlights a number of receipes and kitchen tips soon available as an e book.

Andy is most well known for his Seven Signature - where each day features a carefully created dish using seasonal ingredients and organically grown local produce.

Andy prides himself on being a ‘hands on” chef, and he still personally sources his own suppliers and farms which provide the very best produce He can occasionally even be found sporting a fishing rod along the beaches of the UAE or the rivers if the Scottish Highlands – for the fresh catch of the day, of course. Andy is happiest when he is in the kitchen; he is a chef that puts his heart and soul into the food, and diners will notice the difference.

Media Appearances

  • TV: ‘Saturday Morning Kitchen’ in Great Britain
  • BBC 24 hour news, America, Claridges to Harlem
  • BBC Middle East, business news

Publishing: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Express, Mail, Evening Standard, Time Out , Metro, Hello magazine, O.K. magazine , Red
He is now Dubai Eye 103.8 fm resident chef
Check his weekly blog for recipes, cooking tips and what’s going on

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magnus joins us for the latest gadget and tech talk.

Dr. Chris Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds takes us on the road to the education we need and now.

The question is can the GEM's and TAALEEM's of the UAE get on the train of change or... not.

How are you feeling about the global economy?

We had a nice chat about your perception of the global economy!


This has got to be one of the most amazing CSR ideas I have caught wind of lately!

The Problem

Many costal communities around the world are in need of school and medical supplies.

Our Mission

The mission of YachtAid Global is to move school and medical supplies to the locations that need the help utilizing luxury yachts. We engage Captain, Crew, Owners and Guest to meet our objectives.

Our History

My name is Mark Drewelow and I am the founder of YachtAid Global. Thank you for visiting our site.

I spent 20 years at sea and sailed 1/4 million miles on luxury yachts around the world during the 1984 - 2004 time frame. Most of this time was spent in remote and undeveloped areas of Mexico, Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia.

One of the common themes during those years at sea was that the local people always provided help to the best of their ability no matter what their economic situation. It didn't matter if I was looking for provisions ashore in Roti, seeking medical aid in Cabo, trying to located a ride to the airport in the Anambas, looking for fishing information in Niue. The local people were always there to help.

In 2003 I moved ashore here in San Diego and started up our port agency business C2C. We provide broad spectrum solutions to luxury yachts.

I had a great desire to stay connected with communities that I had visited during the years at sea. As C2C grew, I was looking for a way to exercise corporate responsibility tying into our yachting interest and benefiting the places that I had been.

One morning in May of 2006 I woke up with a solution to what I was seeking and the perfect name. YachtAid Global was born. Our tag line is - Changing the world without changing course.

The original idea, and the current key concept works. Move school and medical supplies around the world utilizing luxury yachts. This simple concept satisfied the two key missing elements: my need for corporate responsibility, and to help out the communities that I know.

Dozens of small and large scale deliveries were completed. Fast forward to today.

I now realize that the greater power in all of this is for YAG to be a catalyst to get people thinking and to take action. You don't have to be part of a formal process and structured environment, although we are here to help out to whatever level that needs to be done to. Just get out there and YAG. If you put your mind to it, there is really no limit to what you can achieve.

Best regards,

Captain Mark Drewelow

Founder and Executive Director, YAG

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sheena Reynolds British Institute for Learning Development

Sheena Reynolds is yelling that the current education process is failing to meet the needs of many students and our teachers are simply not aware becasue their own education has failed!

  • IN 2002 Dr Christopher Reynolds and Sheena Reynolds established a learning development programme in the UAE that was to become the British Institute for Learning Development.
  • The British Institute is unique for its philosophy of learning development as the basis for education and is the first and only schooling programme of its kind in the Middle East.
  • As a Talented Children Development Centre, the British Institute is able to develop children's 'talents' by increasing their cognitive development to increase their learning capacity and intelligence.
  • The British Institute asserts that learning is implicitly a neurological function and the capacity to learn is dependent upon neurological efficiency.
  • The British Institute's Sensational Learning Programme is based on the belief that children's learning capabilities and performance can improve where children receive personal coaching to first develop the foundation sensory systems of the mind and body.
  • The British Institute's two year study from 2006-08 of the neuro-physiological development of children showed that sensory integration therapy can increase learning capacity and intelligence.
  • The British Institute represents St Andrews College International in the UAE and offer both a school programme as well as an after-school programme for children from other schools.

St. Andrews International

  • The St Andrews College International is the school management company for the British Institute to manage the education programme.
  • The St Andrews International school is a registered international school with FES, and uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) from the UK.
  • The IPC has been developed by Fieldwork Education Services (FES), the education management company for the Royal Dutch Shell schools across the world. There are some 500 schools using this curriculum including 200 schools in England, and, the Emirates International School in Dubai.
  • The IPC is based on an understanding of how the brain learns, and allows us to motivate and move the children toward achieving academic skills and their personal goals. It also allows us to develop their ‘talents’ so the children can increase their ability for intellectual reasoning.
  • The great thing about the IPC is that the children think that learning is fun.

Rick Coles

Rick Coles is the Nightline in house trainer and he walks us through a rethink of customer service!

Keren Bobker on Finance and Children joined me for a conversation about planning and the need to have an idea of the costs of raising children. Some great ideas came in and generally a very informative conversation.

Magnus and the gadget test drive

Magnus of joined me to talk technology and more.

We talked about a couple of Mac accessories that I can not figure out why we would buy and not for the amount being asked for!

Always happy to test drive your tech products, talk about news and ideas on your mind!

Email me at

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Zen Beauty Lounge

Leena Al Abbas joined me for a conversation about the 1st green salon in the UAE.


A must visit site to understand why green is so important when it comes to beauty products.

The99 Revisited!

Dr. Naif joins us to talk about the latest news about

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 on Technology

Magnus as usual brings in a bag of tricks!

Love the new Dell computer!

Great chat also about the new OS being talked about in India!

MMA Fighting

2 MMA fighters join me in studio to talk about, well, fighting!

Interesting comments on drugs!

These guys look mean!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chef Andy

Chef Andy and myself set out to start a little Jamie Oliver revolution here in the UAE, small steps! to listen to the podcast!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

North Pole with Elham

Elham joined me in studio for a conversation about her trip to the pole!

Until she resigned to focus completely on her North Pole expedition, Elham Al-Qasimi was an investment manager at the Impetus Trust. She conducted due diligence on charities and social enterprises to identify those with the most distinctive delivery models and build a case for investment committee approval.

Elham was born in July 1982 in Dubai, UAE. She earned a degree in Business and Marketing at the American University in Dubai in 2004, and then moved to London to study at the London School of Economics for an MSc in Management of NGOs. On graduating with a Distinction for her thesis, Elham took an internship at the Overseas Development Institute, a leading think tank for international development.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The music painter!

Kilford is the music painter, ONE LOVE!

Music and art as one!

School of St Jude

This is one of those stories that makes you say wow!

The School of St Jude - Fighting Poverty Through Education

About Us

When 22 year old Australian, Gemma Rice, went to volunteer in East Africa for a few years, she witnessed first hand the results of people in the Third World caught in the tragic cycle of poverty, intensified by a lack of education. Crippling manual labour or a life of crime were, for many, the only means of survival.

Following years of volunteer work in Uganda and East Africa, Gemma returned home to rural Australia to a rewarding teaching job and a comfortable lifestyle, but never forgot the poverty and suffering she left behind in the country that still had her heart.

At some stage we may have said to ourselves, "Charity begins at home", as we've put the small change in our moneyboxes and felt justified in doing so. Gemma, now 24 years of age, saw it differently. With the powers of persuasion, honed by growing up with seven brothers, she easily convinced some of her friends and family members to pledge at least $5 a month, to be put into an account at the local bank, and the proceeds of which enabled 2 young women to go to school in Uganda.

From this humble beginning, the East African Fund Incorporated was born and is now a registered Australian charity (No: CFN16123). With Gemma's unceasing energy, passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the projects of the East African Fund inspiring others, she was asked to speak at various Rotary Clubs in her local area. The word spread quickly and many individuals and members of schools, institutions, businesses, Inner Wheel and Rotary Clubs throughout Australia, pledged donations and assistance. People joyously helped with the collection and transportation of computers, library books, school books, teaching aids, classroom equipment, sports equipment, sewing machines, clothes and an endless list of goods that would see Gemma's dream of starting a school become a reality.

A group of friends from Gemma's home district formed a volunteer team to help get up the very first classrooms. It was the first (of many) Rotary volunteer teams (even though half of the group were not Rotarians) and it was done in true pioneering style. Above is a picture of the result of "Day 1" of The School of St Jude's existence.

So in February 2002, Gemma founded The School of St Jude in Northern Tanzania, East Africa. The School of St Jude is owned by a registered Tanzanian company that is a "Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital" called The School of St Jude Ltd (company # 47555). This company can not be bought or sold but rather only given to another similar not-for-profit company with similar objectives.

The School of St Jude opened its doors to three very small, bright and underprivileged students. We began with one teacher and a single classroom. Seven years later the school has grown to over 1300 students, spread across two amazing campuses and employes over 350 local staff. Each year new buildings are constructed to house the following years intake of students. This allows the oldest students to progress into the year above and will eventually see them all the way through to the end of secondary school.

The various sponsorship and donation schemes, which have been set up at the school, have allowed the dream of educating underprivileged children become a reality. The sponsorship of buses has allowed children, who would normally start walking at 4am, get a ride to school, and the sponsorship of teachers has allowed students to be taught by the best local Tanzanian teachers, who are being assisted by highly-qualified Western teachers. It is the ultimate blend of the positives of both cultures.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Quilling! In the UAE

Farah Al Fardh talks about her passion for quilling!

Save your Marriage

Dr. Kennon Rider of MSU walks us through the road to saving a marriage if there has been a cheating partner!

German Center for Neurology and Psychiatry, FZ-LLC
Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)
District 1, Bld. 64, Al Razi,
Block A, 2nd floor, Clinic 2006,
P.O.Box 505118, Dubai, UAE

FON: +971 (0)4 4298 578
FAX: +971 (0)4 4298 579


Dr. Kennon Rider, Ph.D., CFLE

Marriage and Family Therapist
Dr. Kennon Rider is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Trained in the United States, he received both his Master of Science Degree (MS in Family Relations) and his Doctorate ( Human Development and Family Studies with specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy) from Texas Tech University, College of Human Sciences. For over twenty-five years Dr. Rider has been actively working toward strengthening marriages and families through therapy and education. Through his therapy practice he has treated individuals, couples and families who sought help primarily with relationship issues. As a University Professor at Texas Tech, California State University - Fresno, Zayed University in Dubai, and most recently at Michigan State University Dubai, his teaching has included such courses as Children and Families in Crisis, Family Relations, Lifespan Human Development, Parenting, Child Development, Family Resource Management, Interpersonal Skills as well as Human Sexuality.

As a Certified Family Life Educator (sanctioned by the National Council of Family Relations in the U.S.) Dr. Rider engages in seminar and workshop training for issues such as grief and loss, crisis management, depression, anxiety, communication, stress and anger management, conflict resolution, and other marital and family issues. He also develops and evaluates community and corporate based educational programs.

In addition to his experience with teaching and therapy, Dr. Rider assists organizations with Critical Incident Stress Management when traumatic events put their employees at risk.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Amazing Emirati

Maryam Darwish was married at 12 and today is a mechanic who is finishing her high school diploma!

An amazing UAE story.

Oil Drilling 101

Mike Vanderstack walks us through what happens when you drill for oil and how the mess in the Gulf Of Mexico happened!