Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uptown Kids Talk Green

7 students from year 5 of Uptown Primary school join me to talk about their go green projects.


Monday, April 26, 2010


Looking for a way to turn yourself around?



Soniyaa Punjabi has a great story and is living the turn around!As many of us are now beginning to realize, our circumstances are merely a reflection of our inner selves; we constantly search for introspective means of understanding our existence in relation to life's challenging issues.

People want to manage stress, increase energy, live naturally, and be healthier. As a result, there is a paradigm shift from the external to the internal taking place. This process does not call for a complete redirection, but more of a sharing of our attention of the outer with the inner, to create a space of balance and harmony.

Once we become aware that, at some level, we are fully responsible for creating the imbalance we experience, be it in health, career or relationships, we have the power to change it!

The process of healing then becomes very simple and can easily be achieved through a "holistic approach" involving treating the person as a whole - body, mind and spirit - which have life-transforming benefits that can be experienced first hand.

Illuminations began with the sole purpose of providing unique opportunities for people to experience their unlimited potential and empower them to positively release stress and imbalance.

Through science, psychology and philosophy, we introduce tools and techniques with the intention of giving you a spiritual experience applicable to everyday life situations. You may then come to realize that spirituality is not just new age jargon, designed to make people feel good temporarily.

As you head towards a fulfilling transformation, we welcome you on a journey of self-discovery with Illuminations, where you will begin to understand that…."Your experience is your greatest teacher, your guide is your inner voice, and your only true nature is love."


Our mission is to reach out to individuals from all walks of life and spread awareness on the power of the self, mind and consciousness, thereby facilitating a rise in human consciousness.


Our vision is of a world where empowered individuals have the wisdom to transform their lives in a way that allows them to resonate with their highest potential.

The Awakening (04-27-2010)
Manifestation Meditation (04-28-2010)

Illuminations launches first retail store!
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time dirham

The idea of a time dirham is very interesting and could change the way we think about action in our community!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gaston Quieto does magic on Radio

Gaston Quieto joined me for live magic in the studio.

Gaston is a Dubai based magician!

Contact Gaston Quieto:

Phone: 971556962442
E-mail: gastonq@mail.com

Abu Dhabi Fight Championship

Soheil Nemri joins us for a quick conversation about what will be happening on May 14th!


Prepare for a Battle unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

The Abu Dhabi Fighting Championship™ will be the first ever Open-Weight Mixed Martial Arts Championship in the region.

International Fighting Champions are coming to Abu Dhabi to compete for the ADFC™ Title and Grand Prix, while up and coming Local Fighters will battle their way to the top ranks of the Championship.

Infinitec's infinite memory

Ahmed Zahran, CEO of Infinitec joins me to talk about the infinite USB memory drive.

This is really cool technology imagined in Dubai!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Super Granny


Else and Andalene join me to talk about parenting.

At Baby Angels mom and baby classes you will spend focused, quality time with your baby while learning how to stimulate their development.

You will learn how to lay important foundations for your baby’s sensory-motor skills necessary for future learning. This will involve various activities including tactile stimulation, creative/messy play, fine & gross motor stimulation as well as music & movement. Mom’s will also get the opportunity to socialize during tea time when the babies play together.

Every week you will get great ideas of fun and stimulating activities to enjoy with your baby at home. Dad’s are also very welcome to attend Baby Angels classes.
The class commences with the babies sitting in a tactile ‘pool’ with bare legs/tummy for tactile stimulation, expanding your baby’s sensory awareness

This is followed by warm-up exercises and parachute time. The movement activities achieve two main goals:

To strengthen muscles required for crawling, walking and balancing

To provide stimulation for your baby’s vestibular system. Movements like spinning, rocking, swinging and bouncing all integrate the brain, inner ear, eyes and various muscles to work towards gaining balance.

A series of fun activity stations are provided which will stimulate your baby while providing you with information regarding their physical and intellectual development.
This includes a creative tactile activity – using ‘messy play’ to introduce different textures and ‘touch’ experiences.
Tea time is an opportunity for mom’s to chat while the babies spend time discovering each other.

This class incorporates focused activities, music and movement, various tactile experiences and creative play which helps to lay the foundation for the development of further cognitive perceptual and motor skills. Baby gets mom’s full attention whilst developing their own attention span. Babies also get the opportunity for independent play at the Favourite Things play area and during Tea Time, where mom’s get to socialise too! The program is structured, aimed at improving your baby’s concentration and fine motor skills, giving mom’s ideas of things to do with their wobblers at home. It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with mom in a social environment.

During Music Time – moms and babies learn songs and actions together that are chosen specifically to:

* enhance tactile input from mom
* help develop a good sense of rhythm
* sharpen baby’s interest in sound
* stimulate language development
* learn by ‘doing’
* be lots of fun!

The babies will also have an opportunity to ‘play’ various instruments and move to the rhythm by jumping, rocking and patting etc.
We conclude the class with every Wobblers favourite – STORY TIME!

Chef Andy

www.chefandycampbell.com joins me for a walk around the kitchen.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dubai Animal Rescue Centre

Neil Anderson of www.darcuae.com joins me for a conversation about what the centre is doing and how you can help.


On the heels of the Abu Dhabi Entrepreneurship Forum 3 speakers join me in conversation.

1. Azza Al Qubaisi, One of the UAE's first contemporary jewellers, founder and owner of Arjmst
2. Khalid Saiddudin, CEO, Elixir BUsiness Research and Partner, Raynuma Consulting
3. James Graham, General Manager, Aim Events, Abu Dhabi University Events Management Arm

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

www.shufflegazine.com on Technology

Magnus of www.shufflegazine.com joined me for the weekly tech chat!


Show notes 2010-04-13: Xperia x10, Milestone, Panasonic camera, Asus eeTop PC and more

This is yet another mixed bag of goodies. Two Android-powered mobile phones with some big differences and for the first time a desktop computer.
BlueLounge CoolFeet

Google Gears

Offline support for compatible web sites
Offline access to your Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc.
Many third party web sites participate
Plugin for Firefox for Mac, Windows, Linux
Built-in to Google Chrome for [...]

Dr. Kennon Rider

The road to a healthy relationship is all about trust and communication.

German Center for Neurology and Psychiatry, FZ-LLC
Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)
District 1, Bld. 64, Al Razi,
Block A, 2nd floor, Clinic 2006,
P.O.Box 505118, Dubai, UAE

FON: +971 (0)4 4298 578
FAX: +971 (0)4 4298 579

MAIL: mail@gnp-dubai.com
WEB: www.gnp-dubai.com

Dr. Kennon Rider, Ph.D., CFLE

Marriage and Family Therapist
Dr. Kennon Rider is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Trained in the United States, he received both his Master of Science Degree (MS in Family Relations) and his Doctorate (Ph.D.in Human Development and Family Studies with specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy) from Texas Tech University, College of Human Sciences. For over twenty-five years Dr. Rider has been actively working toward strengthening marriages and families through therapy and education. Through his therapy practice he has treated individuals, couples and families who sought help primarily with relationship issues. As a University Professor at Texas Tech, California State University - Fresno, Zayed University in Dubai, and most recently at Michigan State University Dubai, his teaching has included such courses as Children and Families in Crisis, Family Relations, Lifespan Human Development, Parenting, Child Development, Family Resource Management, Interpersonal Skills as well as Human Sexuality.

As a Certified Family Life Educator (sanctioned by the National Council of Family Relations in the U.S.) Dr. Rider engages in seminar and workshop training for issues such as grief and loss, crisis management, depression, anxiety, communication, stress and anger management, conflict resolution, and other marital and family issues. He also develops and evaluates community and corporate based educational programs.

In addition to his experience with teaching and therapy, Dr. Rider assists organizations with Critical Incident Stress Management when traumatic events put their employees at risk.

Monday, April 12, 2010

On Dubai fashion

Bebhinn joins me from www.hellwafashion.com for a conversation about all things fashion in Dubai!

And all was not roses at Dubai Fashion week season 7!

What is Hellwafashion?

Were fashion savvy girls whove been living in Dubai for longer than we thought when we arrived. Our Chief fashion officer is Bébhinn Kelly & she runs her fashionable eye over everything that finds it's way onto the website and into your inbox.

On Body Image!

Dr. Shiva of Medcare Hospital, shiva@medcarehospital.com, joins me for a conversation about the health effects of poor body image.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joey Fitts

Joey Fitts joined me on the line to talk about his book!

"If you want to understand, explain, and predict your company's
performance, buy and read this


Starting with a Foreword by Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton, creators of the revolutionary Balanced Scorecard approach,this groundbreaking guide is filled with first-hand accounts from Fortune 500 companies who are winning by building accountability, intelligence, and informed decision-making into their organizational DNA.

Drive Business Performance explains the competitive advantage experienced by organizations that create and manage a "Culture of Performance."

This innovative, jargon-free book demystifies performance management,with detailed guidance for organizations to replicate top performers' practices, including the recommended skills and assets needed to successfully compete in today's business environment.Winning strategies for achieving competitive advantage with world-class performance management capabilities.

Praise for Drive Business Performance

Performance management systems and processes will be a major focus of firms over the next decade, as they attempt to harness vast volumes of transaction and customer data. Drive Business Performance provides a clear roadmap for navigating this important territory. If you want to
understand, explain, and predict your company's performance, buy and read this book.

- Thomas H. Davenport, President's Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

Drive Business Performance is a pragmatic guide for world-class decision making. It provides important new thinking on a management approach that empowers people to amplify their impact on organizational results. This is a ground-breaking book that executives and managers alike should read.

- Randy Benz, Chief Information Officer, Energizer Holdings, Inc.

Providing everyone in the organization with a clear understanding of how day-to-day decision making and tactical execution relate to organizational success is critical to running a high performing business. Drive Business Performance provides specific and easy-to-follow guidance to deliver results. A must read for any organization seeking to win.

- Christopher Liddell, Chief Financial Officer, Microsoft Corporation

Image Factor UAE with Marissa Woods on Personal Branding




Marissa talks about why we need to brand!

The power of personal branding

A brand is not just some swish company logo. Or a glossy corporate brochure.

People can be brands too. And a strong personal brand can make you stand out from the crowd and give you a competitive edge.

At Image Factor we understand the power of personal branding and how a strong personal brand can have a positive affect on your career. Your personal life. And the business’s bottom line.

We run a number of personal brand workshops for you and your employees. As well as essential skills workshops including job interviewing techniques, personal networking and influencing skills training.

Want to find out more about the power of personal branding and how it can help you and your business? Contact us toda