Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The United Arab Emirates film Industry

Michael-Ryan Fletchall,, talks about the film and television industry in the UAE and region.

A Dubai Weekend with Claire Fenner

Claire Fenner of joins us to fill out to-do list of activities.

Sounds of the United Arab Emirates

A group of Zayed University students, in Dubai, recorded the sounds of their UAE and talk about them. Great insight into the youth of the UAE and what they are thinking about.

Dubai Mums Club!

Jenny Haddad and her partner alice join me for a talk about reaching out to the community of parents and a great business idea!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Canadian Consul General Dubai on Canada and UAE

H.E. Kris Panday, Canadian Consul General Dubai, joined me in studio for a conversation about Canada. From business to sports we covered it all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009 may be the change in education we need!

A conversation with Dr. Barbara Kurshan and Anna Batchelder, and, about the road ahead for sustainable education. WEB2.0 and sharing!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Easy Living Dubai and Clair Fenner on the Weekend

Your weekly guide to how to fill the week with activities with Claire Fenner.

Cancer Awareness Now

Dr. Sawson A.S. Al Madi General Secretary of Friends of Cancer Patients and H.E. Sheikh Sultan Al-Qasimi of Gulf Holdings joined me for a broad conversation about how we understand cancer and where we need to be going with awareness.

Magnus on tech

Magnus is back with another tech installment!

Camiceria Design simply great menswear in the UAE.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Money Talks. And Walks the Talk

Money Munot joined me in studio to talk about doing what you believe and following your heart.

Dubai Cares Bucket Walk

Jumana Al Darwish, Anas Bukhash and Amal Al Redha join me in studio to talk about what Dubai Cares is doing and their latest activity, the bucket walk.

Keren Bobker's Investing 101

For a few minutes we speak to Nicole Betts about her role in MOvember in the UAE. Keren Bobker,, joins us for part 1 of investing 101.

Space Insurance

Pierre-Eric Lys and Lucy Gilchrist of ELSECO Ltd. join us for a conversation about the way we protect our investments in outer space! Really.

Steven Funk talking about

Steven Funk joined me on the phone for a conversation about

Who What Why When Where?

25,000 children die everyday from poverty (UNICEF). Race4Change is racing to save the lives of those children. 100% of money raised will benefit Kenya-based Jamii Bora Trust, an innovative, world-renowned microfinance institution, and the Microcredit Summit Campaign, a global campaign to reach the world’s poorest, especially women, with credit and financial services.

On Nov 22 to Dec 1, 2009, Steven Funk and Jean-Louis Juchault will co-drive a 1975 Peugeot 504 coupe V6 rally car in the dangerous East Africa Safari Classic road rally throughout Kenya’s roughest terrain! Join with us and Donate to support The Microcredit Summit Campaign and Jamii Bora in their work.

News Flash

Race4Change and Jamii Bora Press conference in Nairobi, Kenya
WHEN: Monday, November 16, 2009, 10AM Nairobi time WHERE: Serena Hotel – For more information please contact: Denise Hughes at +1-917-549-2621 or...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get Your James original Shirt

OK you asked and now they are here!

I have created 150 limited edition James Original Shirts and they are available for Eid and Christmas.

Hand made Bali Batik shirts in m colour and my style made to my specifications!

Write I can set you up!

100 dirhams each or $45 dollars

Each shirt has a certificate of authenticity!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

THE UAE Music Scene

So what is going on in the UAE when we talk about music?

Some good, some bad and some ugly!

We were joined in the Nightline studio by: Amal an ex audio student, John McGregor an SAE audio instructor and producer, THE Sticky Fingers DJ/presenter/lecturer/creative genius behind 4 BMG records, Hypnotiq Girls the singers Gina Heisser, Nasra Corbel,Fahad a producer, Bahar an audio student and Gabrial a film student.

For a lively and honest conversation.

Htpnotiq Girls on Nightline

Gina Heisser and Nasra Corbel join James Piecowye for a conversation about the UAE music industry.

Monday, November 09, 2009

The 5 C's of Change Rap by Gus Takkale

If you are wondering how to change and what the 5 C's of Change is all about listen to this rap of the book!
Author of
the 5C's in Change
& the founder of

Mustufa Abbas UAE Film Maker

Mustafa Abbas is a UAE film maker. We had a conversation about UAE film as art.

Mustafa Abbas is an Emirati film-maker. Originality has always
been his goal. 100 Miles his short film won the Best Non-
Documentary Film Award at the 2007 Emirates Film Competition.
The Alley his other short film was selected to play in the short film
corner section of the Cannes Film Festival. Some of his
trademarks are portraying dark characters in a good light, and
using birds for symbolism. Abbas has written several feature-
length screenplays. Some are currently in development. Other
than being crime-based, his films often have a “modern-noir” feel,
due to the gritty dialogue and shadowy lighting. Abbas has had
many articles written on him in local magazines and newspapers,
and also been interviewed on TV as a writer/director. At the age of
12, he started toying around with handycams, and shooting films
with his friends on weekends. Little by little, it became a vital part
of his life. The main and possibly only source of inspiration for
Abbas is human beings. Like the film industry in the United Arab
Emirates, his name is growing.

The 5C's of Change

Ghassan, Gus, Takkale talks about how to change your life in this time of change.

The 5C’s is a practical guide to help you find your formula for changing the way you live. The concept is not rocket science nor is it philosophical, it’s simply logic, common sense and realism.

The 5C’s are geared towards simple actions that you can take for drastically improving your

way of life. Every “C” can be accomplished with a little bit of work, determination and an open mind. Everyday is a chance for improving our life, and it’s up to us to best use it.

Life is a web of connected strings, designed and made up of time and ultimately decisions that you choose to make. Making the right decisions will lead you to the ideal change you seek in your life. This fun and adventurous journey towards changing your life starts by paving the way through these 5 C’s: Character, Constructiveness, Commitment, Communication, and Contribution.

The book is available at selected book stores and online at and

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Autism Re-Boot What Can be Done!

I was joined in studio by Maggi Rigg and Linda Simmons of Cambian Group for a discussion of what their organization is doing in the UK. Oaasis is their Autism Support service! Well worth a look!

What to do in Dubai November 4th

Claire Fenner the managing editor and publisher of Easy Living joins us for a round up of what is on in Dubai and the UAE!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

gadget GURU Magnus!

Magnus from Shufflegazine joins us for a look at the latest and greatest gadgets in town! 2009-11-03

The power of TEA

Dr. Khalid Al Madani was at the 3rd Tea Science Symposium hosted by the Lipton Institute of Tea and he shares what he learned.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Sheikh Zayed Profile 5 years on.

Dr. Badran Badran, a professor in Zayed University's College of Communication and Media Sciences, joins me for a conversation about who the late Sheikh Zayed was and his legacy.

Special Needs Crisis?

Dr. Eman Gaad, the director of Disability Services for the Community Development Authority and Senior lecturer at the British University in Dubai, joins me for a conversation about Special Needs education and general integration in the UAE.

Cash from the net!

Ernesto Verdugo speaks about It's true...

Ordinary, everyday people are building fun and profitable Internet businesses and turning around their lives using nothing else but their computer and an Internet connection! Sounds crazy but... to enjoy that kind of success you don't have to be a technical genius or a marketing expert! Far from it, in fact... Can you log on to your Internet connection? Do you know how to use a web browser and send email? If answered yes to both questions above, you have more than enough technical knowledge to start your own online business that throws off a solid, safe and steady long-term income stream. What Would That Mean To You? For some, the best thing about owning their own Internet business will be the money, pure and simple. To others, having an Internet business means total freedom. Freedom from money worries ... freedom from having to punch a time clock ... freedom from having to answer to a boss or work at a job you don't like. And for others, it's the lifestyle.... When you have an Internet business, you're not locked into living close to the city where your employer has their offices or plant ... and so you can live anywhere you wish. And, thanks to the profits from your new online business, you could have more than enough money to indulge your passions ... and live life to the fullest, free of financial worries ... wherever you choose. Money. Freedom. Travel. Financial independence. Security. And a steady stream of revenue for which you do very little work. Having your own Internet business can give you all these things - and so much more. You must decide if this is the kind of life you are ready for. If so, there is good news... I strongly believe that any motivated person can use my Internet business model to create a secondary income stream... that can soon become a PRIMARY income stream!

AdWomen in the UAE

I was joined in studio by 4 exceptional creative industry representatives!

Tanya Dernaika MEMAC Ogilvy Director of Strategic Planning * Born In Lebanon, grew up in the UK and spent the last 12 years in Dubai. * 15 year career with Memac Ogilvy. * Responsible for setting up Strategic Planning discipline in the agency. * Role: ‘Voice of consumer in the agency” - Responsible for ensuring all communication disciplines in agency understand local consumer needs and how best to portray and engage with them in communication.

Lucy Higgins of BareFace.

3 Abha Malpani Abha leads the ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller digital practice, which focuses on strategising and implementing multi-media public relations campaigns on new media platforms including online social networks, user-generated content sites, and websites. She focuses on consumer engagement tactics and search engine optimization, among other activities in the digital space. Abha has worked with ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller and its sister companies for five years, most recently with Polaris Public Relations, where she worked with blue-chip global and regional companies including the Ford Motor Company, Benetton, and the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. A world citizen, Abha has lived in England, Australia and Spain, in addition to the UAE and India. In Spain she worked as a freelance web-marketing strategist and professional blogger while earning her certification in Spanish.

4 Preethi Mariappan Ogilvy One Creative Director Founder, Adwomen