Monday, August 31, 2009

Kevin Abdulrahman on Nightline

Kevin Abdulrahman joined us on Nightline for a conversation about keeping focused on the goal, and he HAS BEEN THERE! Had it all and lost it all!

Kevin Abdulrahman is ‘The Man Inspiring Millions’. He is an International Author, a

Keynote Speaker, Mind Nutrition Expert, World Class Mind Coach to the Elite and an In-

Demand Trainer. Kevin’s articles are regularly published in magazines, reports, newsletters

and newspapers, constantly being used as resources all over the world. Kevin helps

organizations, universities, sports teams and individuals create breakthrough results.

You can contact his team on or email

Author of two books

THE BOOK on Winning The Game Of Life & THE BOOK on Winning Everyday

If you would like to read some of Kevin Abdulrahman’s articles and get a free e-copy of

his book, send in your details or drop him an email on

Al Ain Zoo and Wildlife Park

Did you know that there is a zoo in Al Ain?

Did you know that the Al Ain Zoo is open from 9pm until 2am over Ramadan?

the Al Ain zoo was founded in 1968 and is set to become a 900 hectar monster!

Tom Kaferle walked us through what is happening in Al AinAl Ain Zoo: Night Zoo, 3

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Relationships, Shisha and H1N1

Welcome to the start of the week with Nightline!

Relationships! What makes them work and why do they fail?

We had many interesting texts and some questions about marriage failure and the west, it is not the same in India, or is it?

There is a new study out about Shisha, and that prompted the question WHY SMOKE the bubbly?

And finally H1N1, are you thinking about it?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Behavioural Economics and what to do in Dubai

In hour one Dr. John Anderson and Dr. Iyad Rahwan, both of the British University in Dubai, joined us for a conversation about behavioural economics and business. Anderson is a finance and banking professor and Rahwan is a professor of infomatics! So the lesson was the world of business thinking easily links to the social sciences and liberal arts! The world of business thinking is changing, is your thinking keeping up?

In hour 2 Clair Fenner the editor of EasyLiving Dubai, joined us for a conversation about what is going on in Dubai. From language classes to camel racing there is so much to do!

Grassroots International with Professor Dan Connell and Mr. Nikhil Aziz

We were joined on the phone by Professor Dan Connell of Simmons College Boston, the founder of Grassroots International, and the director of the NGO Nikhil Aziz for a conversation about the role of NGOs today.

This particular NGO has played a roll in the Middle East and Africa without a penny from the American government.

Very inspiring and worth a listen.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Keren Bobker on Ethical Investing.

We started out the evening giving away 4 tickets for the 1st Dubai Metro ride on the 9-9-09.

Yes WIFI will be free on the Dubai Metro!

I was then joined in studio by Keren Bobker our financial adviser.

Keren spoke to us about ETHICAL investing and this emerging field.

In the UK there are some 81 ethical investment funds worth 6.8 billion pounds.

Listen to the podcast to learn more.

You can contact Keren several ways.
+9714 336 9880

TEDx Dubai and Technology

And I am back on Nightline after a 7 week break.

Hour 1 was all about TEDx Dubai,

In hour 2 Magnus Nystadt joined me in the studio to talk about the world of technology and its local implications. We also talked about the new iPhone 3gs.