Wednesday, January 31, 2007


1. it is banned in the UAE----no shortage of it!

2. it is dangerous----no real education about it!

3. it is a mess to clean---no real action to contain it!

4. there are safety and beautification concerns----the problem is huge!

So what are we as citizens doing to educate, beutificate, change the way people think?

Last night on nightline was a start!

radio nationalism

The UAE won the Gulf Cup and the nation came together!

Sports=natural bonding agent

The UAE team ignited the passion of expats and citizens alike!

radio=national tool of communication

The passion on Nightline last night was amazing!

Indians to South Africans to Americans were all one for a few hours!


Monday, January 29, 2007

gender selection

Last night we talked about the ability to select the gender of your child!

It is a reality in Dubai, at the Gynecology and Fertility Centre, asking price approximately 30, 000 dirhams!

Personal choice?

The calls were all over the map and in the end there was no clear winning view.

What do you think?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

dubai smoking fines

October 15, 2004 Dubai Municipality said it would fine people smoking in public places not designated as smoking areas!

They caved!

Now it is back, or is it?

A good source said the ruling power has said make it so!

Will the rulers will become a reality?

Let us all hope!

Jan 24 traffic

Jan 24

800 4353 the number to report bad driving!

Are fines a viable way get people to stop bad driving behaviour?

Many say yes.

Many say no.

What is the solution?

Is there a solution at all?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well you can come down on many sides when it comes to Lebanon.

This morning I met a woman who said the strike was great topple the government.

Yesterday we listened to stories about families and how they make it through the day!

Sure this might be a small potatoe to some BUT the reality is normal life is disrupted...

Is it worth it?

Check out JAMESCAST!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fortune Investment Group

OK the Fortune Tower fire might have a positive spin!

As callers said last night, this is the first time they can remember that a company has taken such responsibility for the well being of its workers!

Sure their are questions about the financial package for death and disability being too small but there is no obligation to have such a package at all!

Is this the path to responsible corporations?

What do you think?


Are you ready for a fire in your home? Workplace? Auto?

NO you are probably not!

Time to get with the program before you have regrets!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Shilpa Shetty and Celebrity Big Brother have started a small RACISM fire in the UK!


Give the JAMESCAST listen!

What do you think?

29 nationalities called and texted last night.

Some said racism is everywhere and as old as we can imagine.

Others said racism needs to be hit head on always.

22,000 complaints against Celebrity Big Brother in the UK!

Racism is the straw that might break the camel's back!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Have you ever been bribed?

Do you bribe to get things done?

YES and yes were answers last night.

Bribery is a piece of capitalism that we have to live with I was told!

Should we care?

Sharla is a rights worker who says we should and in her opinion it all comes down to human rights!

Need to talk to Sharla?

Monday, January 15, 2007

environemnt and iraq

The municipality of Dubai is going to begin spot checks on vehicle emissions!

FINALLY some proactive thinking!

Some people are happy, others think it is another way to generate revenue and will cause more traffic congestion.

Think long term!

04-223-2323 if you want to call in an environmental complaint to the municipality!



Has enough been done for reconciliation?

Could a lesson be taken from Zimbabwe?

LISTEN TO JAMESCAST and post a comment here!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Last night we spoke about an issue that is near and dear to many.


What happens when you try to raise awareness?

A group of people did just that, try to raise awareness about labour issues by making an awareness campaign for students.

Part of the campaign was a video of interviews with people at labour camps.

All the permission to film was obtained!

The 8 minute documentary is shot and edited and employees are penalised for participation!


What would you do?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

sharjha, school bus, discipline

Well last night was one of those nights when you wish there was more time in the show.

We talked about an incident that took place in Sharjha.

Give it a read!


Some said that the bus driver, the school, the families are responsible NOT the man who pulled the bus over.

Others said that this is the start of vigulantiism...


Listen to the JAMESCAST for a taste of what people are thinking.

Monday, January 08, 2007

censorship in the United Arab Emirates

So, who should control what we see, hear, read... use via the media?

Good question.

YOU maybe.
The state maybe.
A combination of the two maybe.

There is no debate that there is no clear answer to this question and when you mix in a huge population mix like the seen in the UAE the question becomes even more muddled.

Should AL ZAWRAA broadcast on NILESAT? Assassinations live? Hmmmm...

What is good content?
What is acceptable content?

How do we educate ourselves?

JAMESCAST has a taste of last night.

The debate continues.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

RENT and food...

Dubai, Dubai, Dubai!

So for January 7th we spent the evening talking about what we can possibly do with respect to rental agreements and the new landscape with respect to property occupancy in Dubai.

So what are people saying?

GROW UP THIS IS THE REAL WORLD people will get evicted, rent will go up and if the fire is too hot get out of the oven!

Others are saying that there needs to be some consistency.

The models used around the world are based on those world experiences and because of the expatriate population here the model needs to be different.

In the end the debate goes on...