Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Internet Future!

Jeffery Cole and Duy Linh Tu joined the show last night and talked about the internet phenomenon.

What did we get for an hour of our time?

There is a new communication divide! We traditionally think of the communication divide in terms of those nations that have and those that don't, 1st world and other worlds.

Now the divide is between the young and the over 30 crowd!

The under 30 crowd are the internet/technology generation... the divide is growing.

The old fight technology and the young embrace it!

The problem?

Even our education systems cannot keep up.

Who will help the young user understand the ideas of credibility and reliability?

The internet makes life easier and requires a new investment of time on the part of parents and others who help the youth today understand their environment.

Where are we going to find that time?

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