Thursday, December 21, 2006


Nightline will be back January 7th!

See you then.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

UAE teenage boys talk

So we sat and listened to UAE teenage boys, 6 to be exact, talk about their take on life in the UAE.


Culture, marriage, work, issues they had opinions and were brave to share them with the nation!

If you missed the show you can get a taste of what we talked about in the lastest post to the JAMESCAST! Give it a listen.

The end message from these young men?

A passionate love for their country!

I for one believe we need to listen a little more closely to the teens of this an any nation they have a lot to offer that is going under noticed!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Last night we had a chat with Debi Evans and John MacPherson about their book, "the secret society of dragon protectors"!

What a read.

And full of economy of words but not thought at 200 pages!

Want to contact them? Check out the website.

Jamescast has a piece of our conversation last night, and it is worth a listen if I do say so myself.

We also talked about the top 10 things 10 and unders think are the best things in the world!

#1 being a clelebrity!


children and mobile phones

So when do we allow our children to use mobile phones?

Has technology made the phone like clothing, a must?

The general feeling of the callers was that the mobile is a part of our life and it is up to the parent to educate the child about how to use it properly!

False sense of security?

The way it is going?

Another distraction?

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Friday, December 15, 2006


Fact or fiction should we be at all concerned about what we see represented on film and TV?

Who has the responsibility to police film content?

Or is it simply a case of not watching that that you find offensive!

This was what took up our time Wednesday on Nightline.

Monday, December 11, 2006


The worlds largest humanitarion organization!

Funded by donations from government, institutions and you and I!

48 hours is their goal on getting to a location that needs food aid! 48 hours!

And only 7% of their resources are used for overhead. WOW.

There is no argueing the fact that we need to act, how and with whom is up to you... but do something!

We ended with a brief talk about the role of the celebrity in bringing attention to issues!

Sharon Stone "to be famous and do nothing is vulger!"

What else can we say?

Sunday, December 10, 2006


So I put my name into google... 836 hits!

The first 30 were right on.


There is a lot of information out there on me.

How much information os out there on you?

Do you care?

Have you googled yourself?

Look up your name and then ask how careful you will be when you use the web and upload personal information!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


So they are smart, they are hmble and they are UAE national women!

Oh and did I mention they are teenagers?

We listened to three very tuned in UAE teens talk about being a woman in the UAE.

Culture, society, westernisation, cloths, fear...

We got inside the head of UAE teenage women for 2 hours...

What was your impression?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

lost art of writing a letter.

Have we lost the art?

Or has technology just made the art new again?

There is something to be said for holding that paper in your hand and knowing it was touched by another person.

Check out the above site it has some interesting content.

In short life is too short to say we are too busy!


There are a lot of HUMANITARIAN groups out there today asking for your help.

Take a second to look at MSF.

I think what they do is moving.

Listen to a podcast.

Look at the images.

Now do something.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

apology or not?

Last night we started with this idea.

Should Britain apologise for its role in the slave trade?

Tony Blair has expressed his "deep sorrow" at Britain's role in the slave trade but stopped short of offering a full apology, despite pressure from some black campaigners and community leaders.
The Prime Minister's condemnation, delivered in the run-up to the bicentenary of Britain's decision to abolish slavery, has reignited debate over judging history by modern moral standards.
Earlier this year, the Government announced that First World War soldiers shot for "cowardice" would be officially pardoned.

Do you think Britain should apologise for its role in the slave trade? Is it useful or futile to apply contemporary ethics to historical events?
If you agree that Britain should seek to make amends for the iniquities of the past, how far back should we look?

Some said yes any apology is a start.

The issue?

What you do once you say sorry!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting the industry involved.

Robert Clark the director of revenue for the Intercontinental Hotel/Festival City joined me last night to explore the wild world of getting involved in the environment!


You read right.

What if we adopted a picnic area, camp area?

What id industry and community groups said they would manage toilets for a season for a specific place?

What if we helped to put in place a system where interpretation of historic sites happened once a month on weekends?

Why not?

We have the collective ability so lets share!

Tuesday Nov 28th

So, what is your take on citizen patrols catching drivers in the act of being reckless with those pesky mobile phone cameras?

Well not surprising a good representation of the audience would like to know more information!

But not surprising many of you also believe that this is an innovative idea that could only help!

Read the story!

What do you think?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Scott Herrington and Nepal

OK so we talk about making a difference a lot.

Would you take your family to a place where you CAN make a difference during your annual leave?

Scott is!

Check Scott out!

Scott is taking the whole family to Nepal to live in a Centre where the goal is not charity but to help the population do things for themselves.


Are you willing to do more than talk?



OK so why is it that success has little to do with a huge BMW, lots of cash and the simple ability to do as you please?

Most who tuned in last night sided with the idea that success is a personal thing.

We set a goal, reach the goal, then set new goals!

What if the goal is to be very rich?

Hmmmm... seems that while we talk about helping others in reality we are looking out for #1!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


OK so here is what we know!

GITEX should be pronounced GEETEX!

No excuses that was the case up to 3 years ago.

People are willing to give Du a try BUT there needs to be value beyond price added to the equation.

Mobile movies?

For news yes for full length features, no.

Technology is this addictive thing we all seem to want the best the newest the coolest, even if we have no immediate need or use for that thing... it is all part of the Jones factor.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


What if you said, "I have had enough and need to be a change agent!"

Meet Peter Dalglish!

Shocked by images of the 1984 Ethiopian famine, Peter Dalglish organized an airlift of food and medical supplies from Atlantic Canada to the starving African nation. His encounter with emaciated and destitute refugees seared him for life. Peter Dalglish returned to Canada and informed the senior partners of his law firm that he was giving up law to pursue a career alongside some of the world's poorest children. They thought he was kidding.

In the Sudan, Peter Dalglish worked in an isolated desert region along the Chadian border organizing humanitarian relief for women and children displaced by drought and famine. After being transferred to Khartoum, Peter Dalglish began the Sudan's first technical training school for street children, supported by Bob Geldof of Band Aid. Pickpockets, petty thieves and housebreakers were transformed into carpenters, welders and electricians; the graduates were hired by local businesses. In May, 1986 Peter Dalglish set up a bicycle courier service run entirely by street children. The kids delivered mail and newspapers to offices that they once had broken into; along the way they learned the importance of discipline and hard work.

Inspired by the tenacity and ingenuity of kids society had written off, Peter Dalglish returned to Canada in 1987 to found Street Kids International. Armed only with $200, a borrowed office and an American Express card, he launched an agency that has become a global leader in designing creative self-help projects for poor, urban children. Between 1988 and 1990 Street Kids International developed Karate Kids, an animated film about HIV prevention; today the cartoon is in distribution in 25 languages and in over 100 countries, making it the single largest initiative for street children anywhere in the world. On account of the success of Karate Kids, in 1994 Street Kids International received the prestigious Peter F. Drucker Award for Non-Profit Innovation.

Peter is doing something!

Anyone can!

What do you need?

1. passion


3. passion

Sunday, November 19, 2006

UAE prostitution

So there is no question that this is an issue in the UAE.

The police in Dubai are cracking down on hotels and bars to try and reign in the problem.

BUT! As many callers have suggested, what has to be done is punish the pimps!

Many have said that tourism is part of the problem, more people and more distraction.

But what about morality?

Are we just adjusting our morality to accept prostitution?

In the end the UAE is an country guided by Islam and we all need to respect this!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

wed 15th Nov Dubai

Youth in Dubai have opinions, ideas, issues and a voice.

The problem?

We as adults discount if not totally ignore what our youth have to say!

Too bad!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

smoking and ADD

ADD has nothing to do with smoking but these were the two tipics yesterday!

Lots to learn and lots to think about.

The message?

There are a lot of interests out there trying to convince you that they have the answers and that this or that pill might help! THINK! THINK> THINK!

Talk, consult, talk, think... and some more it is a life you are playing with.

Smoking... it is a tough habit and has a giant footprint of impact!

The general response was as Phil put it, "I love smoking but with I had never started!"

And just a reminder that speaking on air is not a right but a privilege and I take it seriously!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Dubai public security and Arabic

OK when you call 999 in Dubai, whether you are an arabic language speaker or not what is your expectation?

So, have you taken the time to learn any arabic?

If not why not?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dubai RTA Nov 12

So the RTA in Dubai is going to bring in tolls as of July!


Some say that unless there are alternatives it is like paying to breath.

Others say stop complaining and go home.

There is a tension in the air!

Expat/national lines are being drawn!

What is good for Dubai, what is good for us and what is good for the nation?



And the drama continues!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Wednesday Edition!

Seat belts!

Amazing fact.

.29% of the traffic tickets last year in Dubai were issued for not wearing seat belts!

A new initiative is starting Saturday to improve awareness on the seat belt issue!

Maybe there needs to be more tickets given!

Application of the law!

Awareness is great but it needs to also take place with enforcement!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Punishment in school.

Caller, "my three and a half year old daughter is being hit on the head at school!"

This person talked to the school.

This person wrote a letter.

In shock is trying to weight moving to a new school and the possibility of the practice living on.

Callers thought maybe hitting on the head was too much.

BUT many felt, "six of the best on the hand was not a bad thing!"

Others any contact is provocation... touch my child you touch me.

Old school says a little punishment helps tomorrow!


Monday, November 06, 2006



Last night it was all about bags, plastic bags and the impact on society!

Thomas from THE ONE has joined the mission to try and do a little to move the mountain of understanding and caring.

Two hours of talk and what did we learn?

1. we care
2. plastic has made a big impact and made things easy
3. we want to do something BUT what?
4. change can happen through education
5. old ideas are new again

You said it not me and the reaction is great.

Keep it coming!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Traffic vs anything!

Well last night was the proof that Dubai is traffic obsessed!

Given the opportunity to talk about service, the dolphinarium or traffic it was 100% traffic...


Monday, October 30, 2006


The burning question is why are the low paid, who are the backbone of the UAE subject to the horrible act of not only being low paid but at times not being paid in a timely fashion?

Surely no pay no work!

Not so fast.

What about serious sanctions of offenders?

What about business based policing?

What about caring?

And then do we have anything invested and do we care?

MEDIA in the UAE

Amazing there is a difference between english and arabic media!

The verdict?

Arabic media is not giving the complete story.

English language media is far more probing on social issues, those that cut to the core of society!

Prostitution, drugs, booze...

Many people are happy with englishmedia becasue of the wide range of stories from the world.

we need more local content!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dubai Beach Culture!

Well the calls on the topic of to beach or not to beach in a bikini were as far flung as the people lathering up with sunscreen in Dubai.

Ali suggested that if you go to a public beach half naked you are asking people to look at you so stop complaining!

SMS messages reminded us that this is a Muslim country so respect the fact that the state is driven by religion!

An unidentified caller suggested that if the state really wants to stop the beach problem they simply need to arrest the offenders on the spot, put them in jail overnight and the problem will be solved!


Again there was an undercurrent of nationals feeling that they have had their beach and their country in general taken from them by expats who seem to think they are owed something beyond the generous pay package.

The result of the conversation?

Keep thinking.

One curious strand of the conversation was that some women felt it was their fault men were harassing them!

Others did not want to contact the police for fear of not being able to prove their case...

What is your take?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

reality check dubai

Think things are tough in Dubai?

Go to Cairo!

Traffic lights are ignored.

Traffic lines are ignored.

Vehicles are without safety chacks!

Lights for night driving an option.

Try crossing the street!

Dubai October 25th

Tonight we are talking about the beach culture of Dubai.

It is not a question of safety but a question of objectification of women!

Migrant workers use the beach as a place to babe watch.

Police say they are on it BUT the problem is so large a few patrols don't make a dent in the issue.


Maybe there need to be gates on the beeches and a person monitoring who goes in?

Maybe all beeches need to be pay-per-use?

Maybe you just use a beach at your own risk?

Maybe women enjoy beeing looked at!

We will see.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday free for all Dubai!

And there is no doubt that one of most significant issues among all living int he UAE today is the need to have a voice.

Caller after caller is asking who is listening to them?
How can we effect change?
Has economics cast a dark shadow over the civil side of society?

Case in point is the fact that Dubai's only women's shelter has had to move to a smaller location, rent the reason, and thus women in need and their children are out on the street!

We hear that Dubai is this fantastic city, it is, but there needs to be balance and in many cases this balance is skewed today.

Truckers that run red lights to be deported!
Smart traffic systems!

Progress is here now it needs to be rounded out.

The question is how?

Keep calling, keep talking!

"If you throw enough mud at the wall some is bound to stick!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dubai traffic!

2003 ------ 520,000 traffic violations

2004----- 950,000 traffic violations

1st 8 months of 2006 908,000 traffic violations

or 157 traffic violations per hour.

Only after Sheikh Hamdan has asked for tougher enforcement of traffic violations have the police cracked down!

Hmmm... Something seem wrong with the picture?

The Internet Future!

Jeffery Cole and Duy Linh Tu joined the show last night and talked about the internet phenomenon.

What did we get for an hour of our time?

There is a new communication divide! We traditionally think of the communication divide in terms of those nations that have and those that don't, 1st world and other worlds.

Now the divide is between the young and the over 30 crowd!

The under 30 crowd are the internet/technology generation... the divide is growing.

The old fight technology and the young embrace it!

The problem?

Even our education systems cannot keep up.

Who will help the young user understand the ideas of credibility and reliability?

The internet makes life easier and requires a new investment of time on the part of parents and others who help the youth today understand their environment.

Where are we going to find that time?

the host

James Piecowye, THE IDEA MAVERICK, and professor in the college of communication and media sciences at ZAYED UNIVERSITY is the host of NIGHTLINE.

Need to know more?

Google me!

Tuesday October 17th

During the first hour of the show we will be talking about the internet and our future.

DO we care?

Should we care?

Two guests join us to talk about the lessons learned so far and what the future might hold.

The short and skinny is that the youth of today are using technology like their parents never will and the implications are profound!

Cool Sites!