Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Jukebox September 13, 2017

For a very long time we have been talking about the great collection of indie music I have on my MP3 player because of the JukeBox show.

For this show we put the player on shuffle and see what we get.

Adam, Paul and Aliaa are all featured with some great music!

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DocTalk with Dr. Fabrizio September 13, 2017

Dr. Fabrizio from the Valiant Clinic joins us to talk Pulmonology.

Here is where the conversation went.

Dr. Fabrizio  is a European educated and trained Consultant Pulmonologist. He has over 16 years’ experience in treating all aspects of pulmonary conditions including, but not limited to Asthma, COPD, Interstitial lung diseases and Respiratory tract infections. He specializes in diagnosing
lung cancer and providing Smoking cessation and sleep medicine programs.
Dr. Facchini attended University of Ferrara, Italy and University College London, United Kingdom. Before moving to Dubai he worked as Consultant at different teaching hospitals in Italy and the United Kingdom, including University of Ferrara, Coventry and Leeds.
asthma and linking it to the Dubai summer weather, as well as the upcoming bronchitis season and how people can avoid suffering from that. He will also be discussing sleep apnea.
Seeing more kids and younger people
Asthma, and sports, adults
Smoking related conditions, ecigarettes, vapour
Bronchitis, lung cancer (lung cancer screening)
-not only caused by smoking, 20 years ago microcitoma-smoke related
-now 50% of the time cancer is deep in the lung and caused by small particles in the air and maybe from ecigarettes
Snoring and sleep
Infections, TB
Fibrosis in the lungs
Air conditioning

Aviation pulmonology

TechTalk September 13, 2017

I am not sure there is anyone better to talk to about tech than Andrew Thomas from Nexa.

We sit down and chat about the apps, gadgets and such that people are in love with and want to learn a bit more about!

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The show notes.

1 -I have been getting questions about MIFI, routers you buy for travel that you can put a sim in to create a 4G wireless hotspot!
-I have never considered one of these but they are popular!
-In fact a MiFi is a 3G or 4G portable, battery-powered router. Since WiFi is a wireless network standard while a MiFi is an actual internet device, MiFis often haveWiFi built in them. In fact MiFis use the WiFi standard to share internet with your other devices.

A Best of List-interesting the number of lists based on carrier in the US and they are all different!

2 -Data breaches are becoming too common! Makes you wonder but this one is crazy!

Hackers have stolen the personal details of 143 million people, including their names, social security numbers, birth dates, and home addresses, according to credit monitoring firm Equifax, which disclosed the breach on Thursday. For perspective, that's nearly half of all Americans.
Ironically, Equifax is a company that is regularly hired by major companies to protect the credit of consumers after major data breaches. "You'll feel safer with Equifax. We're the leading provider of data breach services, serving more than 500 organizations with security breach events everyday," its website advertises.
3. Time to polish the Apple?

Business Insider has a chart from Guggenheim Securities that highlights just how bad the lack of revenue growth has become.
Apple revenue
In five years, Apple has gone from revenue growth across the board of products -- iPhone, iPad, Mac, services, and "other products" -- to the point where the only parts that were showing revenue growth were services and "other products."
What's worse is that of those two, services -- iTunes, apps, content, and such -- is the only area showing significant growth.
Now, it's likely that the iPhone 8 (along with the other new iPhones) will explode growth in that area, but this is far from a long-term solution, because:
  • It's a short-term gain that will trail off as time passes
  • It makes Apple more reliant on the iPhone
  • There's nothing new on the horizon that is going to pick up the slack

4.-Podcasting is on the rise and it is the marketing power that becomes interesting!
There’s little doubt that podcasts, which have long been un-tethered from the iPod, are a media force to take note of. In fact, more than half of U.S. households are home to podcast fans—that’s more than 60 million homes. And while the reach of this up-and-coming medium grows, many marketers and advertisers have yet to see the connection between podcast engagement and consumer spending.

5-This is VERY Cool!
Snapchat is opening its popular Discover platform for college newspapers, creating even more content targeted at its core demographic of generations Y and Z.

Today, Snap Inc. announced the debut of Campus Publisher Stories, partnering with schools across the U.S. In a blog post, Snap said each school will have an editorial team that will produce weekly editions for distribution on Snapchat. The editions will also be monetized with Snap Ads, which will go directly to the newspaper as part of a revenue split.

While four school newspapers are launching at the start, dozens more will launch in the coming months. (The Daily Californian at U.C. Berkeley, The Battalion at Texas A&M University, The Daily Orange at Syracuse University and The Badger Herald at the University of Wisconsin in Madison all debuted theirs today.)
“School newspapers play a critical role in informing and entertaining their campus communities, and they are often where the many leading journalists and editors that we work with got their start,” according to the blog post.

It’s unclear which brands might be the first to take advantage of these college-focused channels, but Publisher Stories could be a good way for marketers to be front-and-center of students interested in what’s happening at their various schools. Advertisers will be able to use the Snapchat Ad Manager to reach likely readers by selecting the “Collegiates” category within the self-service platform. (The category is focused on reaching users between the ages of 17 and 24, with a focus specifically on people who frequently use Snapchat while on campus.)

6-Twitter is testing TWEETSTORM
Twitter is reportedly secretly testing out a new feature in Android that lets users publish a string of tweets all in one go, according to a report by The Next Web.
The feature, if real, is not currently available for public testing.
It's unclear at this point in time if this unreleased feature, which appears to be in testing with a select group of developers, will eventually become real.
But if it does, you'll no longer have to worry about your Twitter rant being interrupted before you've finished.

7.Galaxy Note8

8.MIT Cowdsourced flood map! Great application of tech

People in Broward County, Florida have one more map to rely on this weekend as Hurricane Irma passes through the state. MIT has launched RiskMap, a crowdsourced platform meant to track and map flooding by relying on people's social media reports, as a pilot project. The county's residents can update the map by contacting its Twitter DM, Telegram and Facebook Messenger chatbots. They'll then have to submit their location, a description of its conditions and a photo showing its current flood level. Other residents and officials planning evacuations or sending help can then see those updates on the map as they go live.
Tomas Holderness, the MIT research scientist who led the project, says RiskMap "shows the importance that citizen data has to play in emergencies." He added that "[b]y connecting residents and emergency managers via social messaging, [their] map helps keep people informed and improve response times." While it's unfortunate that the tool is only useful to residents of one county for now, the team aims to make it available to other locations and to add more social media platforms in the future.
MIT first tested the map in Indonesia earlier this year when widespread flooding hit the country. A total of 300,000 users visited the website within 24 hours during the event. To make the map even more helpful, it was also integrated into the Uber app, so drivers could quickly see which roads to avoid.

9.-Nice Apple Leak and lots of info!

What we think is coming later today!

-This is interesting Zucker vs Musk!
It is not often the heads of two major companies blast each other in public, so Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calling Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence warnings “pretty irresponsible” on a Facebook Live broadcast was seen as a big deal.
Musk intensified the drama in response to a tweet, which said Zuckerberg’s “understanding of the subject is limited.” This is despite Facebook working heavily on AI and integrating narrow AI into some of its programs, and Zuckerberg building a home automation system.
I've talked to Mark about this. His understanding of the subject is limited.
“I have pretty strong opinions on this. I am optimistic. And I think people who are naysayers and try to drum up these doomsday scenarios — I just, I don’t understand it,” said Zuckerberg. “It’s really negative and in some ways I actually think it is pretty irresponsible. Because in the next five to ten years, AI is going to deliver so many improvements in the quality of our lives.”

The CarClinic with Glenn Power September 12, 2017

Glenn the mechanic influencer of the Middle East comes out of the shadows and joins the show to help you fix your car.

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As usual we start eh show talking about my cars and the things that I have had repaired on them this week.

The show notes.


-vibrations and tires good to know that there can be issues based on tires that manifest as something else

-engine mounts and vibrations, can I change my engine mounts any place? How many are there , is engine mount fixing on a 2001 Pajero a big deal?

-do we need to clean injectors

-tires changed didn’t offer nitro maybe it is a waste they could have made more cash!

-how often do spark plugs need to be changed?

-how often to rotate tires

Q. My front turn signal on the the passenger side isn't working. When I turn on my lights, it doesn't turn on at all. I've tried replacing the bulb, but it's still dead. What is the issue and what can I do to fix it?
My mercedes glk 300. 2009. When I am driving above 120 kmph or up in the afternoon now days the heat meter picks up but if I slow down it becomes normal.  Any suggestions.  Thanks Ibrahim