Sunday, December 10, 2017

The ME Indie Jukebox December 6, 2017

This is the only radio show in the UAE that plays an hour of indie recording artists from the Middle East every week!

As usual Adam has pulled together a RAW playlist, yea we record in Raw Coffee the morning of the show!

The Playlist. Majaz - Paranormal Adonis - Kawkab Tany JVMIE & Shaun Warner - Chasing (Original Mix) Ala Ghawas - Red BLUFRANK - You're On Your Own Lekhfa - Kont Rayeh Lekhfa - Woshoush El Leil

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The Call in with Jivika Rajani December 6, 2017

The best thing about doing radio is you get to meet some of the coolest people on the planet and when it is someone doing something extraordinary that is icing on the cake.

This we we learned about a bootcamp for high school students to help them learn to be social entrepreneurs.

Jivika Rajani the woman behind was in the studio to share the story.

Here is what you will learn about Jivika and Aspir8 from her website.
Rajani anticipates students will gain in-depth exposure to principles of social entrepreneurship, learn lessons from successes as well as failures of social initiatives started by other young entrepreneurs, and also have the opportunity to form teams and pitch their own ideas for projects that can make a difference in their schools and/or wider communities.
She’ll develop the camp curriculum with renowned social entrepreneur Scott Sherman of the Transformative Action Institute (who is at the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College). She also is partnering with Teach For India in Pune and a network of international schools in Dubai to recruit student participants.

The reason for choosing the UAE and India as her boot camp locations is personal. She spent most of her childhood in Dubai and has worked in and visits Pune every year, where her grandparents live.

CarClinic December 5, 2017

Who doesn't have an issue with repairing their car?

We buy them and then we spend the rest of our day trying to keep our pride and joy running like a top.

Glenn Power joins us from GT Auto Centre to fix cars on the radio.

What we love about this show is we are always helping people!

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The Show Notes.

  • When I go over 80 kmh and until 120kmh I get a wobble of the steering wheel any ideas?
  • The car backfires when I turn it off any idea why.
  • How often should headlights last on a car? I replace one or the other yearly.
  • Saw more cars overheating today when is it safe to fill the rad with new water?
  • What is the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger does one require less maintenance?
  • What is the difference between torque and BHP
  • Is there a different smell for a transmission and brakes burning or do they smell the same?
  • I have a 2000 lincoln navigator, V8 5.4ltr suv. down shifted to drive but cannot shift back to park. so I cannot turn ignition off or back up any idea what is going on.
  • My car has 70k miles on it and is an automatic trans. It has aftermarket underglow which includes a ton of aftermarket wiring underneath the car. A few months ago, I borrowed my car to a friend for a night out and they ran over a construction barrier and shattered a underglow bulb underneath the car. When this happened, obviously the underglow stopped working completely. But along with this my dash lights and brake lights stopped working. The running lights work on the back but not the break lights. The hazards and blinkers work also, but still no break lights. I'm just wondering what the problem could be?

CarTalk December 4, 2017

CarTalk is the show on Nightline that brings the nation together around the 1 thing that there is love and hate around, cars!

I am sure that there are another 2 guys in the UAE that know as much about cars.  And on this show we even found out that the new 4X4 Lambo is coming!

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Here are the show notes.

Campaign Middle East has a write up on the pros of MotoringME!

-both is dress shirts!

-Civic is going back so the verdict?

-Tesla Model X offroad!

-Nissan 370Z Female Responder Ambulance - first time I've seen that.

-best car covers for national day!
Happy UAE National Day - don't fidget on National Day, unless you have this especially decorated Mini!

Plug in jeep wrangler!

Looks cool

Can we get a 1991 pontiac 6000 LE?

New Defender?
Toyota has some cool ideas for fuel

New Sorento looks cool